11:41 AM

I think this story is a textbook example of how vehicles are no longer designed with service in mind, but rather simplicity of assembly and operation. Cars, even 15 years ago, were still built with some notion of regular maintenance or replacement of consumable parts in mind. It always urks me when I see an oil filter Read more

10:59 AM

I’d presume any NP vote must be a relative or family friend of the seller. The only other acceptable excuse would be dyslexia.

12:24 PM

If it was truly smog legal (needs an OEM intake boot) and free of cosmetic deformities and and the Helen Keller gauges, it would be nice price (even with it’s Kindergartener patch job). Otherwise, it’s worth about $5-7k less. Read more

12:45 PM

Yuppie money used to get you further. But, good luck buying a home/condo on the west coast without $250k in cash as a down payment. I realize things may be different in other parts of the country, but, not sure where a 32 year old lawyer is going to have that sort of cash in hand, especially if they are buying $50k Read more

12:11 PM

the kicker is that many of these “yuppies” are buying these $50k cars, with those $900/mo payments, and are sharing a two bedroom apartment and are only paying $725/mo for a bedroom. They are balling hard in their urban commando mobile and going home to their blank room with a mattress on the floor and an ACER laptop Read more

1:46 PM

I believe that “damn” is more of an issue because its recreational use is considered blasphemous. Meaning, it should only be used when reference the damning of a person or people, not in frustration or exaltation. 

12:18 PM

$4-5k to own a legacy economobile would be worth it, but $7k is just too steep for something that has no level of driver experience worth a value appreciation.

11:56 AM

The fact that PG&E were allowed to declare bankruptcy this January is absolutely mind-boggling. How could the overseeing court permit a company to avoid financial responsibility for extremely outdated equipment causing a natural disaster and not mandate some sort of infrastructure improvement plan as part of the Read more

1:12 PM

My best guess is that these people are trying to extrapolate the obscene inflation of prices on the next gens to their previous iterations. This car, 3-4 years ago would have a reasonable asking of perhaps $5-7k depending upon condition. MKIVs are now being sold for 100-150% of their asking 3-5 years ago. Ergo, we see Read more

6:31 PM

California Middle School Teacher here. Took a snapshot of my classroom’s thermostat yesterday in a school with no a/c. Only reached 82 today. There is no law in place about workplace conditions for teachers (or students) in California, so we just have to deal with sweat soaking through our pants and kids that can’t

11:31 AM

The subjects referenced in the article, the political pundits (like Candace Owens, who does not have a dog in the fight), have pivoted Telfer’s passion (track and field) into a pulpit for a political referendum on the legitimacy of trans people. For people like her, it does not appear to be genuinely a concern for Read more