Cyriaque Lamar
Jan 22 2010

Although Tintin's generally not scifi ("Flight 714" and "The Calculus Affair" notwithstanding), I always loved that he was this immortal, family-less, sexless man-child who was somehow independently wealthy and trekked around the world just for the hell of it. Tintin's malleability as a character = Herge's genius.

Nov 30 2009

@YetiStomper: For Marvel it is. The rest of the publishers had their solicits listed for Wednesday.

Nov 11 2009

Just FYI, across the street from The Magician is the incomparable Welcome To The Johnson's, a New York dive bar institution known for two things: dirt cheap Pabst Blue Ribbon (anywhere from $1.25 to $2) and the fact that its owners went out of the way to make it look like the dirtiest 1970s rec room in history. Read more

Oct 27 2009

Lest we not forget Nick Fury's Howling Commandos, which basically amounted to the Universal Studios Monsters roster with machine guns and SHIELD body suits.