Well, Bye
Jul 10 2019

I respect this womans hustle. She is click bait incarnate and she is making bank of it now.

Jul 10 2019

Stewart Zimmel.Since I have no way to contact you are you owe me nearly $6,000 I ask you to contact me about payment.

Jul 10 2019

Your list of reasons to see the movie is a good one, but you left out a big reason: It ignores the last three movies (maybe even just the last two, if you want to go the faked death route). Read more

Jul 10 2019

I’m trying to remember, but weren’t most of the terminators in the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” female?

Jul 10 2019

I found her story in American Pie 2 to be even more confusing; it really seemed like they were setting up her and Tara Reid’s character to be having a relationship, but they don’t. Anyone else pick up on that? Or was that just wishful 22-year-old thinking?

Jul 10 2019

Your reply confuses me, and seems to be reading a lot into something that isn’t really there. Natasha Lyonne and Shannon Elizabeth had shitty roles in a movie they didn’t relate to because it wasn’t interested in them at all; therefore, they are like zealous fundamentalists?

Jul 10 2019

When you’re not around, I bet ladies talk about how much of a nice guy you are and how they truly, deeply appreciate your respect for them.

Jul 10 2019

Arnold Schwarzenegger made plenty of shit films too, and he is clearly the model Johnson is patterning his career after. Is the contention that Johnson is forced to decline opportunities in daring arthouse cinema because he’s all locked up making Pain & Gain 2 with his best bud Michael Bay? I’m not seeing it.

Artists Read more

Jul 10 2019

(San Andreas 2, again with Peyton helming) which suggests he’s loyal to a fault Read more

Jul 9 2019

You get to make a shit ton of money, there are no expectations, and you get to live in Paris Read more

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Jul 9 2019

The implication that Chasing Amy was a good movie made chills run down my spine.

Jul 9 2019

Low-hanging fruit, but still not nearly as childish and offensive as the average tweet coming from the bankrupt conman sitting in the White House.