Jul 1 2014

Watch her during warmup, it wasn't as bad but something was still off. Also, don't be a cunt.

Jul 1 2014

Whatever was wrong with her, it is unfathomable and unconscionable that her sister and any medical professionals within yelling distance of the court could have let that go on for as long as it did. I would say whatever is wrong with them is much worse than whatever was wrong with Serena.

Jul 1 2014

So you're suggesting that Serena Williams, one of the greatest tennis players in history, who has played dozens (hundreds?) of grand slam matches and won and lost countless doubles and singles matches, was so desperate to have an excuse for losing this one match that she's faking being dazed and disoriented and, Read more

Jul 1 2014

This is scary, this looks like someone in the middle of a stroke. I hope they took her straight to a hospital.

May 6 2014

Why not both? The Greeks, Romans, Classical Indians, The Chinese and yes, ancient cultures of Africa all felt that a good mind belong in a strong and capable body. And despite the stereotypes, many jock in college wind up with 4.0 grades. Prisoners, especially those who are from violent, impoverished surroundings, Read more

Apr 8 2014

Apparently, "stop, drop and roll" in England is "flee with tyrannosaurus arms"

Mar 23 2014

I have a Sansa mini clip that looks pretty similar to that one. It's a decent low cost mp3 player that I like when I go running because it's tiny and unobstrusive. It's not gonna change your life but for like $35 it does the job well.

Mar 22 2014

and they were/are awesome. In the days of iPods, you could get one of these babies for 40 bux and it has a MicroSD slot, which apple products sorely need.

Mar 17 2014

This. I also have to question the validity of her Southern credentials in that she referred to "coke" as "sody-pop," whatever the fuck that is. IT'S ALL COKE, TRACY.

Jan 20 2014

I don't remember any discussions of Jim Harbaugh's "sportsmanship and character" after any of his tantrums...

Jan 20 2014

Deadspin used to be this awesome mens lifestyle website where you could go and laugh at your favorite athlete getting wasted or sending out a dick, see some cool highlights or something funny from last nights games ESPN would would be too prudish to show, or see some cool graphics or other statistical anomolies. Now I Read more

Jan 20 2014

“When you're good at something, you'll tell everyone. When you're great at something, they'll tell you.”
Walter Payton

that is all.

Jan 8 2014

So one of the reasons I practically have a psychotic break when I get too hungry is because I'm HSP? Iiiinteresting. That's not a symptom I was told about before. Most people get hangry to a certain extent, but I'm scary. Read more

Jan 8 2014

Finding this was a revelation for me. It explained why medical procedures doctors said would be "painless" are always excruciating to me. It explained why I go crazy when two people are trying to talk to me at once. Read more