Yesterday 12:06PM

Any discussion of a sanitized Toxie should mention the previous attempt to turn him into a children’s cartoon character, Toxic Crusaders. Lord help any kid who sought out the movie based on their saturday morning viewing. I know that 4th grade me didn’t really understand campy, over the top violence and was just Read more

6/04/21 9:42AM

So sick of retconning pre-trump republicans as not openly fascist/white supremacist. As if moves to teach revisionist “patriotic” history and such only existed in the last 4 years. You’ve gotta be old enough to know better. 

5/23/21 11:33AM

I think they should start putting jokes in these comics, might spice it up a little.

5/07/21 11:48AM

I’d mildly go to bat for El Scorcho (they’ve written much lesser versions of the same basic tune since). I like the quad time bridge and it has some memorable lyrics (that aren’t just memorable for being insanely bad) with a nice specificity that’s lacking or feels insincere in the stuff that came after. Despite kind Read more

5/06/21 12:03PM

Pinkerton has it’s flaws but forgettable is not one. I loved it when I was 18-19 and I recently purchased a reissue since it was a huge part of those years for me. My immediate takeaway: musically awesome and totally understandable why it changed the way I think about guitar rock and also “holy fuck this guy is a Read more

5/06/21 9:28AM

beginning with the Def Leppard bombast of “The End Of The Game”’s opening riffage” Read more

4/17/21 12:59PM

Tool’s AEnima and Mario Kart 64 became inextricably linked for me sophomore year of high school. Trying to listen to that album any time after that would just conjure up Wario’s cackling taunts.

4/08/21 12:18PM

Like most people who counted themselves among Stewart’s fans during the schizophrenic Bush years when it was nice to at least be able to laugh at the horrible things that seemed totally obviously wrong and out of our control, I burned out on him when it became clear that he had no beliefs beyond deep concerns about Read more

4/02/21 1:48PM

But like, the point is that they are a couple of dumbasses. It’s the classic setup of some scrappy doofuses with heart and good intentions making a big swing for the fences... but it misses. It’s contrasted with Holdo’s grim, professional determination shown as actually being the best course of action.

4/01/21 9:56AM

I get people not liking Canto Bight for the reason lots of people don’t like a lot of things about TLJ, but it wasn’t pointless. It showed that while both sides of the conflict whittle each other down to almost nothing, there’s a bunch of people making money hand over fist who couldn’t care less either way. It was also Read more

3/19/21 11:12AM

Whenever some new right wing nonsense comes along it always gets attributed to “trailer parks” despite thriving in the suburbs. 

3/19/21 9:23AM

I never bothered with SM3 at the time because I heard it sucked. Over a decade later I finally watched it and... I enjoyed myself? The flaws are obvious. Like all pre-MCU super hero sequels the only idea anyone seemed to have was “more” which always lead to an overstuffed movie with too many bad guys. You nailed it on Read more

3/12/21 7:25AM

I’ve never seen Cars 2 but I would probably prefer it to the increasingly calculated-feeling emotional beats that have become standard for Pixar since TS2/Up.

3/05/21 8:17AM

The inclusion of the theft of the interceptor in the article reminded me that I only saw the first one of these because my friend from high school was supposed to be in that scene. He was the last guard left on the ship and Depp threw him into the ocean. Unfortunately he was cut (not even on the DVD) but he was still Read more

2/21/21 11:24AM

I like Ragnarok but it’s kind of funny that it stands out as a departure when it’s still like 90% a standard marvel movie. It’s a little more colorful, a little funnier, and the dialog is a little better but it’s still very much in line with the brand. The guardians movies up the quip quotient significantly and lean Read more

2/20/21 12:09PM

interesting. I wonder how true that is across the board. I’ve read some conflicting things. I still don’t know how someone inspired by these multi-hundred million dollar studio movies would act on that inspiration. It’s a bit different than seeing some mid-budget, auteur driven genre film where you could imagine Read more

2/20/21 10:57AM

Yeah, the problem isn’t that the super-hero genre is dominant, it’s that two monoliths (MCU and to a lesser extent DCU) crank out extremely homogenous content to fill out their specific universe. This isn’t dozens of directors playing with tropes and ideas with a wide range of aesthetics, budgets, politics, visions, Read more

2/19/21 1:53PM

Didn’t most of the things on that list happen after he murdered the kids?

2/19/21 1:48PM

Almost all that stuff looked like CGI garbage: round, shiny, and plastic. I would maybe give you Coruscant, but that horrible diner scene undoes anything resembling verisimilitude. Naboo (city and gungan), droids, most ships besides the clone trooper stuff, the clone planet, grievous... it all looks so bad. One of the Read more

2/19/21 1:22PM

It fell into the same traps as so many CGI heavy films of that era. Among other things, the “anything at any point can become a surfboard on any surface” trope. Also doing a thing where they just filmed people running against a green screen and filled in tons of shit around them. That chase scene is one of several Read more