Csaba Schreiner
Senior Product Designer at Kinja Budapest. Loves cats and space. Designed these author bios, coincidentally.
Oct 10 2019

No jokes or Remembering of Guys for me this week — just a genuine thanks to Drew, and Roth, and Marchman (and everyone that’s guested in the Deadcast over the years) for keeping this podcast going. I actually get mildly irritated when you do a re-cast because I look forward to the weekly episode that much. (Please, Read more

Aug 2 2019

This is fantastic reporting and commentary, and I genuinely hope that it doesn’t cause your ranking to skyrocket on the company’s internal version of “Fire This Asshole.

Jul 2 2019

There doesn’t need to be the presence of gas chambers for the camps to meet the dictionary definition of concentration camps. Read more

Jul 2 2019

“Quite frankly these illegals are invaders who should be met with any force necessary when they try to storm the borders of a sovereign country. Pity the country doesn’t have the stomach for it.” Read more

Jun 21 2019

I have never been a fan of projectors. I get the appeal—you get a HUGE screen for a reasonable price compared to a similarly-sized TV—but as Tercius points out, there are definitely drawbacks. Watching them during the daytime kind of sucks, and I always found the contrast ratio disappointing compared to a good TV, Read more

I have never been a fan of projectors. I get the appeal—you get a HUGE screen for a reasonable price compared to a

Nov 9 2018

Shame. Tesla could probably use a guy who can get several years on a single charge.

Jun 29 2018

I still think it’s a good habit to at least define your main concepts in an article, or at least write out the complete words at least once before using an abbreviation. Then again, APA style isn’t the end-all of style guides.  Read more

May 18 2018

What this show does more smartly than an exercise like The Walking Dead, is using its source material to its advantage in changing things up. The decision to bring characters in sooner and pace plot points and reveals differently are pretty successful and thoughtful. Read more

May 18 2018

I actually cant stand the show. It’s weird though, I started watching the show first, got about 3 episodes in and then started reading the books, now I hate the show, and have never gone back. I hate shows that create unnecessary drama. In one of the early episodes they changed one little thing from the book and it

Mar 31 2017

What kind of sociopath thinks trying to kill someone over a traffic infraction is equivalent to the traffic infraction?