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It wasn’t, though. Mary Pickford is right. I’m already paying extra for the ability to stream on two devices at once. And the only reason to do that is so I can share my account if my parents happen to be watching at the same time as me. They already solved their supposed problem. They’ve made up this “other" issue to Read more

They already limit how many people can watch at once (one at a time on the lowest tier plan) which is reasonable and keeps any password sharing among people you’d trust. If someone lets their parents use their Netflix account they either have to spring for an expensive multi-user plan or never use it at the same time. Read more

Wouldn't this system make it impossible to use Netflix on your phone using mobile data?  Read more

I found out about it via Twitter, and eventually it seemed like at least one comment was on each article that was lingering at the top of the feed on the G/O Media websites.
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I’d have some concern that her fans might decide to try it themselves, dress and act as she does, and get injured/dead (many people are allergic but may not know it). Read more

Except it’ll probably be more oriented towards eco-fascism. So controls on procreation, imperialist control of remaining resources, and no doubt deciding those who don’t fit their ideal (typically racial, gender, and sexual minorities) being left to die off. Read more

You’re most likely mad at yourself for denying yourself the pleasures that someone else enjoyed.” Read more

You’re most likely mad at yourself for denying yourself the pleasures that someone else enjoyed. Read more

We don’t know the whole story. Maybe she’s got meddling, manipulative in-laws or maybe they’re perfectly lovely people. To say she’s ungrateful seems a bit judgmental.  Read more

Don’t assume all family relationships are the same as yours. Many people are just not all that close to the parents of their partner, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes that can be improved, and sometimes neither side is really interested in doing so. Family means different things to different people. Read more

This response pushed my buttons, so I rewrote it. Read more

If your employer openly advertises that it’s going to work you harder, it should probably pay you higher wages. Read more

Update: photo changed to Halle. Woot. Read more

That’s Chloe in your cover photo, not Halle.
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(That’s a picture of Chloe, please feel free to delete this comment) Read more

Ummm the picture is Chloe Bailey, not Halle.  Read more

1) “Transgender” is an appropriate adjective. “Transgenders” is an inappropriate noun. But I’m pretty sure you knew that already. Read more

Oh man, I feel for you.

Technically facial structure, etc is determined by whatever puberty you undergo as a child. Hormones. Those changes aren’t reversed by hormone therapy, but if someone is able to medically transition before undergoing puberty and thus has the “correct” hormones in their body when that happens, they will have bone Read more