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I couldn’t disagree more with this part: “Trisha has a problematic history on the internet, but she seems to be a person with a good heart and probably too much trust.”  Especially on TikTok, she’s been incredibly hostile to a lot people that are trying to educate her on her problematic behavior, especially Jewish Read more

Many of these books were intentionally published under pseudonyms by choice, and the way this series was conceived has erased trans and queer authors that didn’t want to be published under their “real” names.  I’m seriously hoping the initiative is scrapped and reconsidered, as it robs these authors of agency. Read more

Really looking forward to seeing how much money she makes selling that building.  Wish she could’ve just been honest and told us this was because she wanted to get the cash and avoid responsibility, instead of pretending it was about covid. Read more

My own mother went from waist length, black thick Cher hair to a pixie cut when I was an infant, not because I grabbed it but because an ill timed gravity event got most of her hair in one of the messes that comes along with infancy. Read more

Also check out Flipbin! They’re super sturdy and come in great colors, plus the smaller ones fit comic books pretty perfectly, too.

Also check out Flipbin! They’re super sturdy and come in great colors, plus the smaller ones fit comic books pretty

I don’t think that’s what he meant. I think it’s valuable for people, especially artists who tend to be at the mercy of freelance gigs and grants, to identify what they do and do not want their career to look like. Saying “I don’t want the same career as person x” isn’t a value statement about person x. Read more

To be fair it’s just a single issue in, but she’s a bright, happy sort of badass because most of what we see is her doing science and hanging out with people she loves. Read more

Yeah, but as much as that might annoy you individually, it’s a strength for this run. It’s going to appeal to a lot of people who’ve only heard of Shuri because of the film, which is one of the things that 616 has really struggled with and hasn’t capitalized on at all. Between Shuri, Luna, and Riri there’s a wave of Read more

Disappointed to see any kind of retractable dog leash on here. They cause injuries to the dogs they’re on, the people using them, and random passers by when the people using them don’t adequately control their pets. Read more

Disappointed to see any kind of retractable dog leash on here. They cause injuries to the dogs they’re on, the

I had this exact conversation so many times in college. I had several friends gearing up to go to TFA after graduation, where I’d majored in education and my subject area and couldn’t find a teaching job because I wasn’t willing to go into TFA. The thing is that TFA spends a TON of money on each placement, to train Read more

Honestly, that’s fair. And I know I get defensive about this, partly because a solid 75% of the comments left on these posts are threats or similar trolling (most of which y’all don’t see because I dismiss them). I miss the old format mostly because folks got into really fascinating discussions about this kind of Read more

You are coming off like an asshole. And it really does sound like you don’t mean to be, but “I love Black Panther” is the comics equivalent of “I have a black friend.” Only concerning yourself with fair treatment and representation when it suits you and your desires is an asshole move. Being an ally and a good person Read more

I don’t know why, but I’m always SHOCKED that so many people forget that five of the most well known comics creators were all Jewish men and mostly the sons of immegrants, making comics as a response to the World Wars and the injustices and violence therein. Kirby, Siegel, Shuster, Finger, and Kane were all the kind Read more

There are plenty of comics that I read that are fun, dumb summer blockbuster fare, shoot-em-up comics with big explosions and no real exploration of any kind of big thinky things (e.g I love Red Hood and the Outlaws and this week’s The Silencer). But Black Hammer and Sherlock Frankenstein are being praised for not Read more

It really, really is, especially because Rubin did everything himself. But it can’t overcome just how tired the story is. Read more

Also please remember that bisexual women exist, and in larger numbers than almost any other non-straight orientation. Many of those “women married to men” you mention might not be straight, just straight passing. Read more

They are, and there are perfectly valid criticisms about the way woman fetishize m/m relationships in fanwork.

BUT, a quick Google of “why fanfic is important” shows all sorts of information (including studies conducted by scholars and the Organization for Transformative Works) about the fact that fanfiction is (for Read more

How about we don’t shit all over the (largely young, queer, and female) population of folks who create fanwork so we can point and laugh at them while making actors uncomfortable? It’s really easy to not do that. Read more

Caitlin Moran did this in 2013 and all it did was embarrass the actors and devastate the young woman who’d written what they were forced to read. It’s a shame that Page Six (and AVC) didn’t learn the lesson five years ago. Read more