Batman celebrates his 80th birthday in Detective Comics #1000, a star-studded anthology extravaganza


In pop culture terms, 80 years is a long time. On the internet, pop culture moments can last for just days before they’re already over, gone in the constant stream of new content and distractions. But Batman has endured for 80 years, and last week Detective Comics #1000 (DC) marked the celebration of that anniversary.…

A true story of wildfire devastation and starting over makes Brian Fies’ graphic memoir a must-read


A Fire Story (Abrams ComicArts) is a perfect storm of a book, an individual graphic memoir that tells the larger story of a community, a comic that is the result of both long years of work and a viral internet sensation, a literal perfect storm of weather and human behavior that resulted in one of the most devastating…

Another autobiographical must-read from Lucy Knisley, Kid Gloves is an honest guide to pregnancy


Graphic memoirs by female creators are becoming a genre unto themselves, separate from the rest of the medium by sheer quantity and popularity. From Raina Telgemeier’s Smile, Sisters, and the forthcoming Guts to Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home and Are You My Mother? to Thi Bui’s The Best We Could Do, many critically…

The Life Of Frederick Douglass is a deeply necessary lesson in Black History from master storyteller David F. Walker


Biographies are a difficult genre to tackle gracefully, and graphic biographies especially so. Unlike fiction and even autobiographies, biographies require a deeply intimate understanding of the subject but also a rigorously sourced and researched understanding of history. David F. Walker has shown in works like Shaft

The author of The End Of The Fucking World raises more uncomfortable questions in I Am Not Okay With This


Netflix had a surprise success with The End Of The Fucking World, the adaptation of Charles Forsman’s graphic novel of the same name made in partnership with U.K.’s Channel 4. Late in 2018 came the announcement that Netflix will adapt another Forsman graphic novel, 2017’s I Am Not Okay With This (Fantagraphics). It 

Bitter Root puts a monstrous face on bigotry and a beautiful new spin on the Harlem Renaissance


The biggest initial draw of Bitter Root #1 (Image) is the creative team. David F. Walker and Sanford Greene worked together on the much-loved and far too short-lived Power Man and Iron Fist book for just 15 issues, and the announcement of Bitter Root at last year’s Image Expo was met with a lot of enthusiasm from…

A lack of men frees Woman World to be funny, bright, and smarter than it otherwise could be


What sets Woman World (Drawn & Quarterly) apart from the wealth of other webcomics that have begun to get print publishing deals isn’t an artistic quality or subject matter. Originally shared with readers via Instagram, the majority of Woman World’s story can be told in single pages, three to nine panels each. The…

Border Town excels by rooting itself in politics and identity, giving teens their own voices


The benefit of large comics publishers offering smaller imprints is that it provides a built-in space for titles that differ in some way from the main lineup. They’re often experimental or off-brand, highly creative, and deeply personal. For years, fans have been bemoaning Vertigo’s slow starvation under DC’s…