Trump and Jeffrey Epstein Shown Palling Around Party at Mar-a-Lago in Unearthed Footage from 1992

President Donald Trump has been trying to distance himself from another faux billionaire, Jeffrey Epstein, now that the—well, no one knows what it is exactly Epstein does for money, just that he has a lot of it; just think of him as the reverse Tommy from Martin—rich guy with no job was arrested on federal sex…

Democratic Hopeful Marianne Williamson Asked White Audience Members to Apologize to Black Guests for Slavery

I don’t know if 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson believes that she can win, but she’s certainly entertaining in her losing effort. To put it lightly, the spiritual guru, aka “girlfriend,” is kooky AF and while other Democratic nominees are vying for the black vote by offering reparations for…

Justice Department Won’t Bring Charges Against NYPD Officer in Eric Garner’s Death

In a move that is surprising to no one who has been paying attention, Trump’s Justice Department—lead by William Barr, aka “Evil Fred Flintstone”—will not bring any charges against the white New York City police officers who used an illegal chokehold to cut short the life of Eric Garner, reports the Washington Post.