A White Student Called a Black Student the N-Word. The Black Student Responded. Guess Who Got Suspended?

Chanese Knox, a junior at Greendale High School in Wisconsin said that she was the victim of racial taunts. According to Knox, in September a student called her “nigger.” She took up for herself and began arguing with the student. The school intervened. The police were called—and Knox was suspended.

Aaron Hernandez Was Sexually Abused as a Boy and Had a Relationship With High School Teammate: Report

The first installment of a six-part investigative series by the Boston Globe claims former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was sexually molested as a boy. The newspaper’s acclaimed “Spotlight” investigative team researched Hernandez’s life from birth until he killed himself in prison.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren Releases Video and DNA Tests Proving She's Part Native American

Maybe now President Donald Trump will release his tax returns, considering he’s had an endless amount of jokes for Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), who has long claimed she has Native American ancestry. Trump nicknamed her “Pocahontas,” called her “fake Pocahontas,” and even mocked her during a Navajo Veterans’ event.