Mike Ditka Doesn’t See Black Oppression, but He Wants NFL Protesters to See Their Way Out of His Country

Former NFL coach Mike Ditka has never been an ally in the struggle of African Americans—he just coached black players—but he’s a bigot nonetheless. Never forget that for every edition of the cover of ESPN’s magazine showing then-New Orleans Saints coach Ditka posing as the unhappy groom next to running back Ricky…


Adidas’ Deal With the University of Louisville Was Supposed to Benefit the Athletic Department, so How Did Coach Rick Pitino Get 98 Percent of the Money?

On Aug. 25, when University of Louisville’s then-athletic director Tom Jurich was asked about where money from a new $160 million, 10-year deal signed between the school and athletic apparel company Adidas would go, Jurich assured all within earshot that the money would be used for the athletic department.

LeBron James Is Not Happy With Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ Film Crew, Calls Them a ‘Shit Show’

It’s been a crazy offseason for the Cleveland Cavaliers. After they lost the NBA championship to the Golden State Warriors, rumors emerged that All-Star point guard Kyrie Irving wasn’t happy and wanted out. Trades ensued, and Irving was shipped out for several new additions to the Boston Celtics. Then LeBron…