Craig Lloyd
Jan 11 2019

One of the big disappointments in the US system, for me, is this unrelenting need to find the next big hero who is going to fix everything. The It Girl or Boy of the moment who says all the right things and there’s a collective swoon - and the same is true of the Villain of the Moment. To watch it occur, over and over Read more

Aug 13 2017

We as a society really need to get over the idea that there are two equal sides to every story. No, we don’t need to have a “dialog” about everything. The world is round, climate change is happening, humans are a product of evolution by natural selection, and racism is wrong. Period. When you treat these people like Read more

Sep 20 2015

“Oh look, a former HS player Deadspin commenter who thinks he can (looks at user name) ......oh.

Aug 12 2015

If a wedding is stressful, you’re doing it wrong. Perfection among humans is impossible, so quit stressing out over it.

Jul 1 2015

As a life long white sox fan, I couldn’t agree with point 3 more, it’s such a waste.

Jun 24 2015

Guys relax, he’s making a joke by quoting Parks and Rec.

Apr 13 2015

1) Jockey Men's Underwear Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief

1) Jockey Men's Underwear Microfiber Performance Boxer Brief

Mar 24 2015

Make friends with your cohort/classmates, become a master of self-care, and do your research before choosing a school AND while considering others' advice. Read more

Feb 10 2015

I would hardly call a tux an "essential". At least not for the vast majority.

Nov 24 2014

Do I have to leave my house and deal with humans? If the answer is yes, then I want nothing to do with it. If it's deals on the internet, then it's probably no different than any other day.