Baked Alaska responds to Twitter ban by live-streaming additional humiliations in a fast food parking lot

Yesterday, as part of a long-overdue crackdown on the neo-Nazis and far-right personalities who have made a home on their platform, Twitter permanently banned uber-troll Baked Alaska. The man born Tim Gionet had made a name for himself by impishly tweeting Holocaust jokes alongside more earnest Trumpist musings about…


At some point, Jon Stewart will probably have to address claims he’d never heard the Louis CK allegations

Since five women went on record with The New York Times alleging a long pattern of sexual assault from Louis CK, many in the comedy world have been suspiciously silent. While film and TV companies were quick to distance themselves from him, late night comedians—our supposed voice of moral clarity in trying times—

Never forget: Taylor Swift is actually an Illuminati clone of Anton LaVey's daughter

Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation should drop at midnight tonight, preceded by a string of high-concept singles and videos. These have rekindled a conversation about the ongoing ambiguity as to the pop star’s political beliefs—she doggedly refused to state who she voted for in the last election—and her semi-ironic…