May 19 2018

My mother’s first car was a four eye fox-body Ford Mustang. (I don’t remember the year exactly). My father found it for her in West Texas sometime around 1990. It must have been a pace car, or pace car clone, as it was silver and black with orange tape stripes. Other features included a louvered back window, black

Dec 8 2017

Here’s your snorkel

Nov 20 2017

I almost bought one of these. It was a wagon. It may have been blue. It also may have had transmission fluid in the coolant reservoir. I didn’t buy it. Read more

Oct 26 2017

Kia went down to Georgia, they were looking for Souls to steal

Aug 29 2017

The auto parts chain I work for had/has a fleet of these for shuttle routes and deliveries. They truly are an awful little vehicle. Of the three I’m aware of still being used, one has 250k+ miles on it, but not after the a/c quit, and the radiator fell out due to the core support rotting out. It also ran like dog Read more

Jun 20 2017

My worst break down was on a three lane highway with no break down lane... A conveniently placed rock wall flanked either side, with no exits for a mile either direction. At the top of said rock wall was a fence, separating the interstate from the ghetto of Akron, Ohio. I sat on the interstate (literally, sat ON Read more

Mar 31 2016

Just spend $30k on a charger R/T and do some exhaust work. Then enjoy.

Feb 3 2016

While not cars most forklifts are rear engine front drive/rear steer. If you have ever driven one it becomes clear very quickly why its a bad idea for a powertrain/steering layout at high speed.

Dec 10 2015

Behold the very first luxury SUV...

Dec 1 2015

Sure, there are fun experiences to be had in FWD cars, but RWD and some AWD is absolutely better for fun driving. Read more

Nov 25 2015

When I was 8, I took an RV trip with my family to Yosemite. I didn’t poop for an entire week because my dad said that whoever did, was in charge of emptying the sewage tank. And being 8 years old, I didn’t realize that this did not include me. That was a stomach ache and a glorious dump that I will never forget.

Nov 18 2015

Gm and rusting brake lines and fuel lines on all their trucks from 1997-2007. I’m in the middle of replacing my rear ones now after they burst thankfully only in my driveway. But could have been a terrible ordeal if my wife and child were out and about. Can’t believe Gm hasn’t recalled this.

Oct 30 2015

I’m not a fan of low riders, but I get them. They are simply art cars with no pretense of performance beyond boulevard cruising. I can appreciate the artistry of a well done low rider and admire the craftsmanship that went into it. Read more

Oct 28 2015

My wife was hit by a red light runner once. Her car ended up in the right lane, and while I was waiting for AAA to show up with the tow truck the cop told me if it didn't show up soon he was going to call a tow truck. It had only been there ten minutes and my wife was six months pregnant and having contractions from Read more

Oct 27 2015

Am I the only one thinking that Metro/Harley thing is ridiculously clever and cute as hell? Read more

Mar 28 2013

It's eleven hundred miles to Salt Lake City, the cows are full, we can't smoke, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.