10:24 PM

My mother’s first car was a four eye fox-body Ford Mustang. (I don’t remember the year exactly). My father found it for her in West Texas sometime around 1990. It must have been a pace car, or pace car clone, as it was silver and black with orange tape stripes. Other features included a louvered back window, black

10:21 PM

I almost bought one of these. It was a wagon. It may have been blue. It also may have had transmission fluid in the coolant reservoir. I didn’t buy it. Read more

8:02 PM

The auto parts chain I work for had/has a fleet of these for shuttle routes and deliveries. They truly are an awful little vehicle. Of the three I’m aware of still being used, one has 250k+ miles on it, but not after the a/c quit, and the radiator fell out due to the core support rotting out. It also ran like dog Read more

10:28 PM

My worst break down was on a three lane highway with no break down lane... A conveniently placed rock wall flanked either side, with no exits for a mile either direction. At the top of said rock wall was a fence, separating the interstate from the ghetto of Akron, Ohio. I sat on the interstate (literally, sat ON Read more

2:28 PM

Just spend $30k on a charger R/T and do some exhaust work. Then enjoy.

3:39 PM

While not cars most forklifts are rear engine front drive/rear steer. If you have ever driven one it becomes clear very quickly why its a bad idea for a powertrain/steering layout at high speed.

11:11 AM

Sure, there are fun experiences to be had in FWD cars, but RWD and some AWD is absolutely better for fun driving. Read more

12:55 PM

When I was 8, I took an RV trip with my family to Yosemite. I didn’t poop for an entire week because my dad said that whoever did, was in charge of emptying the sewage tank. And being 8 years old, I didn’t realize that this did not include me. That was a stomach ache and a glorious dump that I will never forget.

11:24 AM

Gm and rusting brake lines and fuel lines on all their trucks from 1997-2007. I’m in the middle of replacing my rear ones now after they burst thankfully only in my driveway. But could have been a terrible ordeal if my wife and child were out and about. Can’t believe Gm hasn’t recalled this.

10:46 AM

I’m not a fan of low riders, but I get them. They are simply art cars with no pretense of performance beyond boulevard cruising. I can appreciate the artistry of a well done low rider and admire the craftsmanship that went into it. Read more

1:09 AM

My wife was hit by a red light runner once. Her car ended up in the right lane, and while I was waiting for AAA to show up with the tow truck the cop told me if it didn't show up soon he was going to call a tow truck. It had only been there ten minutes and my wife was six months pregnant and having contractions from Read more

2:52 PM

It's eleven hundred miles to Salt Lake City, the cows are full, we can't smoke, it's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses.