10:24 PM

My mother’s first car was a four eye fox-body Ford Mustang. (I don’t remember the year exactly). My father found it for her in West Texas sometime around 1990. It must have been a pace car, or pace car clone, as it was silver and black with orange tape stripes. Other features included a louvered back window, black

5:23 PM

I’ll admit to doing that... I drove a Chevy Silverado for two years of high school and my first four years of college. Towed something maaaaaybe a half a dozen times. Probably only loaded it down a dozen times the entire time I drove it. Did I mention I drove 38 miles one way? It was bad. Soooo much gas. Finally Read more

11:28 PM

My parents had one of these!! Or..wait. I think it may have actually been a Malibu. Either way... Read more

10:21 PM

I almost bought one of these. It was a wagon. It may have been blue. It also may have had transmission fluid in the coolant reservoir. I didn’t buy it. Read more

10:04 AM

That truck had a body lift (Notice the gap between the bed floor and the frame in image 2—the beds sit on the rails from the factory). My money says it was poorly or incorrectly installed.

8:02 PM

The auto parts chain I work for had/has a fleet of these for shuttle routes and deliveries. They truly are an awful little vehicle. Of the three I’m aware of still being used, one has 250k+ miles on it, but not after the a/c quit, and the radiator fell out due to the core support rotting out. It also ran like dog Read more

10:28 PM

My worst break down was on a three lane highway with no break down lane... A conveniently placed rock wall flanked either side, with no exits for a mile either direction. At the top of said rock wall was a fence, separating the interstate from the ghetto of Akron, Ohio. I sat on the interstate (literally, sat ON Read more

10:15 PM

My ‘03 1500 suffered the same fate. And just for you, David Tracy, i’m not going to fix it! HAHAHAHA!!!

1:04 PM

I love it!! I had this idea once....Just when you think you’ve come up with something original! That little hemi-wrapped-mershermitt is insane!!

12:36 PM

Personally? Sweptline Dodge 4x4 with a 10’ Alaskan camper. The 318ci most of these came with as stone cold reliable, and the 727 autos were bullet proof. Add in a two speed transfer case and 3/4 ton axles, and it won’t die. The Alaskan camper has everything you need to survive nicely, such as a stove, refrigerator and

9:22 PM

I’m not going to lie, these kinds of people annoy the heck out of me. Mostly because they aren’t willing to do anything to bring us back in. I’m 20, and I’m a huge classic car guy. I’d love to own a car like what they cruise around in. But I can’t. Because I’m also paying college, which I can barely afford, along with Read more

9:05 PM

I wouldn’t call them great, but there’s a ton of car ish songs in country music. Brad Paisley’s Mr. Policeman, Randy Houser’s We Went, Thompson Squared’s Trans Am, or Florida Georgia Line’s Cruise, to name a few.

12:58 PM

My dad legit used to drive me to school in one of these sometimes. Ours was a ‘66, painted primer red. 12 foot grain bed, 345ci international engine. Smoked like a Mack truck, backfired like a banshee. Take that, soccer moms!

12:10 PM

I was never a bike guy. But then I found this old triumph in a barn where I work...

8:52 PM

My brother has an ‘80 F350, and has used a similar technique.. He has a fairly large that whole in the floor, covered by a piece of sheet metal. So, when he locks his keys in said truck, he simply climbs underneath, slides back the floor, and unlocks the door. Presto!