cowboys apologist
Oct 31

I am unaccountably sad about all of this. It’s all so pointless and stupid. This was a thing that brought people joy and togetherness. Yes we were joyful and together in making dick jokes and being indignant about idiot owners. But it truly was one of the few places on the internet that wasn’t a garbage heap. And it Read more

Oct 30

It should most definitely go without saying that insurance-company lawyers are dishonest turd sacks. But at least they went to law school — it’s their really dumb frat brothers who go to business school for marketing and then can’t even fulfill an ad buy on an established, successful website.

Oct 30

You can tell 90% of Deadspin commenters are lawyers because the comments skirt so artfully around libel laws

Oct 30

I am a huge fan, Drew, and I hate sports. I know I’m not Deadspin’s target demographic because I’m a woman in her 40s who doesn’t give a flying fuck about sports, but I came here for you because I think your writing is fantastic, and that led me to other articles and writers whom I would never have found if it wasn’t Read more

Oct 30

Deadspin is my go-to website. I check it several times a day. It’s a privilege to be ungreyed. I started reading in law school and believe it or not I found Deadspin because Whitlock posted some article on foxsports in like 2008 about his favorite sports websites. So you can blame him for me being here. Read more

Oct 30

About four or five times this morning I habitually hit ctrl-t, then typed dea and hit enter for the autocomplete, just to go see what Deadspin had to say. This has been the one and only sports website for me SIMPLY BECAUSE it wasn’t bland recaps of a game with sports reporting interviews like “so, did you give 110 Read more

Oct 30

Just want to add my voice to the chorus repeating here. Deadspin has pretty much been an always-open tab on my browser over the years specifically because of the voice this place has. I can go to hundreds of websites that will tell me the score and show me a video of who made the big play, but this place is the only Read more

Oct 30

Spending good money on an excellent knife, then immediately destroying it by throwing it in the dishwasher to save 30 seconds of hand washing is a real Jim Spanfeller thing to do.

Oct 30

This will never not be wonderful. The only thing more important to Deadspin history than Barry is Piggy Poop Balls.

Oct 30

Just wanted to say it fucking blows that Barry got fired yesterday. There are relatively few constants left in life, but Barry writing the first article of the day for Deadspin was one of them. I’ve been coming to Deadspin regularly for about 10 years now. I love this place. So many laughs, so many great reads. The Read more

Oct 30

Hi welcome to Deadspin Bob, I’ve been reading this site since 2007 every day and this is the way it’s always been here. It’s a great site because it’s not purely about sports. If you want a sports site, there are literally tens of thousands of them that will give you the fucking box score and some pithy postgame Read more

Oct 29

I appreciate the bravery of the editors and writers who have rebelled this week. I understand that it involves a substantive cost - in terms of lost wages and stress - to protest the actions of a tyrannical upper management who have for months tried to steamroll the editors across G/O.
Read more

Oct 29

Can you let me know when you will be returning to sports coverage so I can go back to checking in once or twice per day? I have a lot to do today at work and all of these posts about non-sports topics are distracting because I Must Read Every Single One of Them. Whereas with the sports stuff I really only care if its Read more