Constant Colors
6:34 PM

You’re right: She was the most qualified and experienced female candidate possible. Warren is absolutely the first choice candidate in my heart, but if you think “Pocahontas” won’t be Hillary’s emails all over again with the same effect, you clearly haven’t been paying attention to this stupid country.

2:54 PM

Re: political blowback...I just can’t figure out a few things going on in her brain. I mean, I trust that she is probably a shrewder politician than me (not necessarily a compliment), but ok:

12:50 PM

I don’t love Elizabeth Warren as a candidate, but the photo of her in the header of this article is fantastic. She looks 20 years younger than she is; it’s difficult to imagine a photo of Biden or Sanders looking as light on their feet as she is in that photo. Kudos to the photographer who took it, and the editor who

11:52 AM

Glad to see some good news. I don’t know if she’s necessarily a good matchup against Trump, but I think she would be a good President and I would be happy casting a vote for her. I really just don’t want to see Biden vs Trump, I can’t live with a whole year of Grumpy Old Men: The 2020 Campaign.

3:58 PM

It’s still a check, because the process is damaging. It hangs an albatross around the necks of Republicans. It activates anti-Trump voters. The spectacle can be the point. Even if it fails, there are political benefits. I see no reason to assume that wasn’t part of the design. I doubt people expected quite the level

1:38 PM

Fortunately progressive Canadian alternatives do have an alternative with Jagmeet Singh and the NDP. The NDP have governed almost every province. They haven’t formed a federal government yet despite coming very close last time before Trudeau outflanked them on the left with a bunch of progressive promises, some of

4:43 PM

Hey man, it’s your comment, you get to decide whether there was actually a point (I dunno, some interesting avenues might be the complicated relationship people in the black community have towards objectively vile people like Farrakhan who have nevertheless provided legitimate inspiration, or about the hypocrisy

3:01 PM

Even if she did take a plane, it doesn’t matter. It’s a red herring and tu quoquo logical fallacy. Even if she had a bigger carbon footprint than the entirety of New York City, it would have fuck all to do with the evidence.

2:32 PM

I guess the GOP reps never had mothers because when I said something as stupid as “everyone else is doing it” she always countered with something about jumping off a bridge.

8:41 AM

Zestiria was... OK. Honestly, I found it to get pretty dull around the halfway point but Berseria is probably one of the best games in the entire series.

2:51 PM

As someone who is familiar with eurojank this reads far more like Risen 2 or other Piranya Bytes games than Dragon Age 2

1:48 PM

Greedfall is not making a purposeful commentary about the difficult nature of social change in the face of concentrated power structures. It’s not. I can’t stress that enough. It simply isn’t. It. Is. Not. Doing. That.

12:11 PM

Sure, it might sound like only a few dozen protesters, but it takes a truly exceptional individual to stand up there while an entire country boos you.

8:42 PM

I have literally never seen anything that Abrams was involved with that I would consider “good” or even anything I would consider “mediocre.”  Almost all of it was overproduced crap.  Like habanero diarrhea. I mean sure, it’s got habaneros in it and that’s intense, but it’s still liquid shit.

12:53 PM

People have been editing clouds into photographs since the beginning of photography, so this is kind of a nothing controversy in my opinion. The only crime is that she kept using the same formations!