Constant Colors
5 min ago

It’s hard to say. While the factors are different, India is experiencing a right wing resurgence at the moment. It’s not entirely out of the question that this ban is motivated by similar thinking.

1 hr ago

Interestingly, even people with antisocial personality disorders (formerly: psychopaths) have empathy. Not only do they have a capacity for it but using it is entirely voluntary.

6:19 PM

Maybe if the DOD didn’t have money to burn and existed in a system where manufacturers etc. didn’t have the support of congress critters they wouldn’t be seeing those issues?

5:17 PM

I mean, I’ve talked with people who thought the “pragmatic” thing to do when Bernie lost the nomination in 2016 was to not vote at all.

4:41 PM

I keep forgetting to ask, is that supposed to be a New York accent or a precocious three year old?

4:08 PM

It’s a fair point, but the problem is that these sorts of throw away whataboutisms are, as RS said, red herrings.

3:46 PM

Eh, not to piss in your cornflakes but I know plenty of teens and young adults who are just as disaffected as any other generation was.

3:35 PM

I’ve found these lists often include former geologists who worked for the oil and gas industry. So, technically scientists?

3:31 PM

Yeah, too bad the whole “reading people’s reaction to said sarcasm through body language” thing isn’t firing on all cylinders.

2:37 PM

Abyss would be great if they’d cut out the main character. And I didn’t even bother finishing Hearts R. But I agree with this list otherwise.