Conor Hastings
Apr 29 2014

To be fair, he never said lacrosse was soft. He said lacrosse teams are soft. In this, I stand with Hov.

Mar 15 2014

Brent Musburger asserting that every young boy should want to be a quarterback so he can score a hot girlfriend is kind of the definition of media's role in heteronormativity.

Nov 16 2013

Odd. If there's anyone you'd expect to be alert to this kind of tactic, it's the Trojans.

Nov 10 2013

"I really just don't see why I'm the one being accused of bullying here," Incognito pleaded. "I mean, HE was the one who refused to stop hitting himself."

Sep 23 2013

He tried to speed off with the woman along for the ride, but ended up ramming into nine different parked cars before the woman was able to jump to safety. Read more