Jan 22 2016

And because this has been up for five whole minutes and no one has posted it, here is one of the all time best fight scenes. The Protector. Single take, no edits.

Dec 29 2015

Pictures depict the moments before Kylo’s annual Life Day tantrum.

Dec 17 2015

This made me giggle far more than it should’ve. Bravo, good sir. Bravo. xD

Nov 20 2015

Yes, why bother with anything when we can decide ahead of time that it’s impossible and useless! Why, it’s not like science and technology develop over time or anything, that’s just silly talk.

Nov 17 2015

Found on ebay:

2015 USAF Ghostrider Gunship
One of a kind
Babied...never tracked or raced...never wintered.
New wings and recently replaced OEM flight crew buckets.
$50 million OBO.
No tire kickers, no mavericks.

Nov 9 2015

The sex stuff this new generation is doing is out of control. Eye play?! That’s dangerous. Someone could go blind. In my day, the only kinky thing we did was watch The Mary Tyler Moore Show while making whoopie on the sofa. If you looked at the screen at the wrong time, sure, you’d climax to Ed Asner, but the worst Read more

Oct 8 2015

I love driving minivans. I mean driving it like I drive my camry, like I drive my weekend car.. and I’m single. Hehehe. Read more

Apr 29 2015

funny— but nothing close to reality— many of the worlds most accomplished scientists are/were creationists in their lifetimes... each possessing a higher IQ than gawker poster “fangbanger”... Read more