Collin Krum
Jun 16

As a former 554th Range Group troop stationed at Nellis, (and working at the Tonopah Test Range) I occasionally flew on these planes (space available for us AF troops. Usually on Fridays heading back to Las Vegas. A bit of trivia: As soon as the plane took off, while we still climbing and the landing gear was just Read more

May 8

Stephen Miller reproduces by manually massaging the exterior ovipositors of Republican women and excreting pheromones designed to mimic those produced by an immigrant woman as an ICE agent tears her child from her arms. Stephen Miller will then store the excreted eggs in a damp skin flap, deposit them in a shallow, Read more

Mar 6

For some reason (probably the off roading) I picture you as very hobo chic, so how many times were you mistaken for a missing Foo Fighter when in it? 

Feb 8

Fuck you. She knows all about her and is fine with it.

Jan 9

An STI engine swap would, of course, be neat but I’m just happy with the blue lighting if I’m honest. Read more

and 1 more
Dec 16

During the 80s, the Hollywood profitability ratio was 12 to 1. We made $12 of ticket money for every one of ours spent. During the 90s, that ratio fell to 3 to 1. Our filmmakers had become dependent upon experimentation. They had lost some of their recycling skills. Now, Top Remake was created to teach ACM... Read more

Oct 27

God, I hope that "lock him up" chant burned its way into his insecure little facsimile of a soul and we get a torrent of rage tweets about it tomorrow. HOOK IT TO MY VEINS!

Jun 30 2019

Sure, the point is that bunching one of the most notorious examples of domestic terrorism in this country with some “fun facts” about the city where a baseball team is located is misguided at best. Emmett Till was a child whose “claim to fame” was his brutal lynching, and it’s a fame that was built on the image of his Read more

Jun 30 2019

Would you put MLK on a “Famous Memphis Visitors” list?

May 24 2019

With access to every single one of the facts, your judgement is sure to be spot on.

May 12 2019

As a Blazers fan, you get used to a sort of polite, quiet disappointment (I’m not quite old enough to remember the Sam Bowie draft pick, but the pain of the team taking a 73-year old Greg Oden still lingers). Yeah, rationally I know they’re probably going to lose to the Dubs, but goddammit, right at this moment I’m Read more

Apr 20 2019

If it gets hit on a test drive, then sure, it needed to be test driven. If it gets a ding in a parking lot because you took it on an errand, did it need to be in a parking lot? Insurance will tell that dealer to fuck off.