No, you’re thinking of Stephen Miller. 

No, the Obama administration did not separate families. This is the “catch and release” that Trump referred to during his campaign.

You are incorrect. This was written by a woman named Michelle Martin, a professor at Cal State who researches and writes about immigration issues. Read more

I say S3036. You could also say you want them to co-sponsor and pass Senator Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act. Read more

I donated to whatever Hillary posted on FB today. I also called my Representative, Senator Toomey, and left a message. I stated my name, my zip code, and told him he needs to support s.3036. Then I blasted this audio and held my phone up to the speakers. Let him listen to the wailing children. Let him hear that child Read more

Call and call and call and call and fucking FLOOD every Senators office with emails, letters, and phone calls. NOTHING will be done about this if we don’t put enormous pressure on them to end this. Tell them you demand they support Senate bill S.3036.

The president, Stephen Miller, and Sessions are at fault. Full stop. Read more

Murder is a felony. First time illegal entry is a misdemeanor. Would you tear a child away from a parent if that parent was guilty of jay walking?

You know it’s legal to seek asylum right? You know that these people are doing it the right way and still being separated from their kids right? You know you’re a fucking monster and I hope your child is ripped from your arms you fucking fuck asshole, right?

You know it’s legal to seek asylum, right? You know that these people are presenting themselves to border agents and then their kids are being taken away, right? You know also that border agents are turning people away at the border when they seek asylum and that these people are basically then being forced to try to Read more

I hand-delivered a letter to my Senators office today and I plan to do it everyday until something is done.

I have been living in wide leg linen pants and they are amazing. So cool, so freeing, so wrinkled after 5 minutes...

Hold up- she goes to the gym to keep her mind busy? Who goes to the gym to keep their mind BUSY?! That’s like going to the dentist to relax.

See if you can find a swim school that teaches ISR. It’s absolutely amazing. Read more

Often people lack the means or resources to relocate. It’s very expensive to relocate and when you have nothing, or very little, it’s often not a possibility.

I have two kids. Most days there are two too many of them. I cannot fathom 14.