Jun 11 2018

No, these people are homeless because landlords are raising rents. The people who relocate to where the jobs are don’t really have a say in what housing costs.

Jun 11 2018

The people moving to these areas aren’t raising housing costs. The landlords are. The people moving to these areas are moving there because there is work available. They aren’t doing it because they want to displace a bunch of people.

Jun 4 2018

Because the baker is not participating in the ceremony. The baker is participating in the reception/party.

May 31 2018

America, where we force you to have an unwanted child and then provide no family leave to care for that child. Brilliant.

May 29 2018

I agree the punch isn’t warranted, but there’s zero reason to believe this situation would’ve been bad if she had just complied. Read more

May 28 2018

Even if she were drinking or on probation, there is NO REASON that this cop, who is twice her size, had to hit her on her head with his closed fist- twice!

May 27 2018

Oh, hi person who has missed the point completely. He is insinuating that the native peoples of North America were “untamed”. That’s the fucking issue, not whether or not said native peoples welcomed colonialists.

May 25 2018

I have several acquaintances who voted third party because they “had to vote their conscience”. Of course, their conscience, also being of privilege, isn’t suffering from the ramifications of that vote so it’s all good, right?!

May 24 2018

A black man once held a gun to my head and stole my bag. You know what I don’t do? Walk on the other side of the street when I see a black man. Why? Because I know profiling people based on the color of their skin is wrong.

May 24 2018

I had to show my daughter’s birth certificate to prove her age and I needed proof of residency.

May 24 2018

Yup. I honestly don’t understand why people are still obsessed with this person. He MOLESTED CHILDREN for fuck sake.