Clover Hope
Culture Editor, Jezebel
11:32 AM

I loved this movie. I’ve become cynical about movies that promise to “surprise me,” but this one genuinely caught me off-guard on multiple occasions.

11:17 AM

Finally! Someone on Kinja is covering the World Series. Too bad there’s not a site for that.
Clover, I enjoyed your article. I’d like to discuss one quote:
“there could be three teams out there to make it more interesting.”. Though I’m a baseball fan and I wouldn’t like this, I would like to watch a sport between three Read more

1:35 PM

Hopefully they let Sophie Turner keep her normal accent. She’s a good actress but that American accent in X-Men was not especially convincing.

10:23 AM

That aggressive pelvic thrust win dance followed immediately by her trying to explain away her bad sportsmanship is just fantastic editing. The only thing that could have made it better was if they played the audio over the video of the disturbing pelvic thrusting.

9:51 AM

Seemed pretty fair to me. Games have rules, you don’t follow all of em, you don’t win. Read more

9:36 AM

I used to be embarassed to tell people that I am still a devoted watcher of The Challenge, but once I emerged from the shadows, I discovered there are many of us from all walks of life. This show is a true gift. 

11:58 AM

Ashley telling Candiace that she is the least accomplished while using her closed restaurant as an example of her success to say the least!

11:55 AM

The one on the left looks like she just realised her dress is see-through and shoved a napkin down her dress, and the one on the right makes my boobs hurt. Owwie! Why would you treat your boobs like that?

11:31 AM

Big ups on the white lace intricacy along with the daring cleavage. Elegance combined with a sexy especially when compared with some of the other reunion shows, IMHO.

11:45 AM

“Fluke" absolutely needs a spot on this list! I can't remember if Matt Modine monologues him the whole movie, but explaining that not only is reincarnation order human to dog, but also that said fog tries to find his past life killer, never fails to bring me happiness. Also, while it's been a long time since my sister Read more

11:37 AM

Whenever I accidentally hear the commercial for the racing in the rain movie I’m overcome with so much anger and I don’t know why!! Or maybe I do? It feels so manipulative! So sacharine!  F this movie!!!  What’s wrong w meeeee

9:18 AM

Over the years I have enjoyed reading Jia Tolentino’s work in both the New Yorker and on Jezebel but I did not read Jia profile instead I elected to read Luna’s. I am tired of reading features on Brooklyn base writers (even those individuals whose writing I admire) however I never tire of profiles on companion Read more

2:01 PM

I think it’s like doing a play. You intensely bond with these people you’re in a cast with, doing this work with, expressing intense emotions with and then all you’ve got left when it’s over are pictures and a promise that you’ll *definitely* see the next show they’re in.