6:15 AM

He’s the ass-end of The Human Centepede known as the Trump Administration. He just beat out incumbent ass-ender Kelly Anne

9:34 AM

Because he figured out how to open a nailed down coffin lid, maybe? Hoping Ghoulaini sinks right along with the Orange Shitgibbon, and they use screws to secure the lid before burial.

11:29 PM

It’s always interesting how every time the white supremacists in Trump’s orbit find themselves in trouble, they make a point of letting us know how pro Israel they are & how much they love the Jewish people blah blah blah.. as if that absolves their bigotry. So far it appears to work though.

11:03 PM

It’s “always Soros” because they are anti-Semitic assholes; let’s keep it 100. It’s one of the oldest and laziest (and most effective) tricks in the bigotry playbook. When all other logic and conspiracy fails, blame “the Jews.” Read more

1:06 PM

Ag barr is ultimately in charge of sdny, and i doubt he will let them ruin his homies t* or ghouliani. I want to know what is happening to the investigation into, not only ny fbi, but dc fbi, who fed t* campaign lies about hrc, and ultimately led to traitor comey coming out with that bs, 11 days before the election. Read more

12:19 PM

I can’t watch that video right now as I’m watching the debate on the impeachment voting rules in the House Rules Committee, but...it is my weak hope that one day, one Trump-voter will come to the realization that Trump voluntarily hired/submitted himself to all of these cretins thinking himself wiley-hiring-wiley, and Read more

11:33 AM

When a fool is surrounded by fools, advised by fools, flattered and encouraged by fools, don’t be surprised when he acts like a fool. — Confucius, probably.

11:33 AM

Sane, well adjusted people see Trump and Giuliani’s interference in investigations in to their treason and criminal conspiracies as outrageous, incompetent and unprecedented in the history of the United States. Read more

11:00 PM

As someone said on twitter, if you can’t see a smoking gun, it’s because there are so many smoking guns in the room that the smoke is obscuring the guns. Seriously, we’re up to dozens of smoking guns, already. Read more

7:38 PM

I’m going to say this one more time, the amount of people that think this bitch ass punk mother fuckin pussy is some kind of genius tough guy is simply amazing. No it is fucking infuriating. People in NYC know he’s a bitch ass pussy and as dumb as a fucking post. There is a reason he has never testified in any Read more

11:44 AM

RE: Trump - I’m going with “I hope he shits himself to death. There, that’s the sum of my thoughts on Donald Trump.”