Nov 9 2015

All day long I sit in an office chair looking at a computer. The last thing I want to do when I get home is look at another. The PS4 allows me to sit on the couch with Mrs Houser and decompress. I cannot ever remember saying to her “Geez I wish my frame rate was better”

Sep 17 2015

after the bad mother fucker jumped off a cliff and stopped him self near the bottom like bugs bunny by impaling his arm on a pine tree. Read more

Sep 17 2015

There is an alternate ending for First Blood in which Rambo kills himself. What a different world we would live in if they went with that. Read more

Aug 6 2015

All I can think of when I hear stories like this is how utterly sad and pathetic these people’s lives must be to bring them to act that way. How totally trapped they must feel every waking minute. How frustrated. How ineffectual. When you go off like that in public, you are screaming to everyone within earshot that Read more

Mar 11 2015

Not anywhere in the title does it specify that the XB1 is the ONLY console with these issues, or even say "Compared to the Wii U/PS4." It just so happens that the system has indeed had problems with stability in many of its exclusive titles, several of which were rather large-profile releases for the system. This Read more

Nov 6 2013

1080p 60fps Forza 5 says "no". Sony drones are getting more and more desperate the closer launch times comes. It's okay though, we understand you're still visibly shaken after Driveclub (lol) was delayed, and that means you have no 1st party racing game to show off your shiny new worthless PS4.