Oct 30

Does anyone remember this story from 2013? I don’t remember seeing anyone talk about it in the comments over the years, but as someone who spends time outdoors/camps alone often, it’s stuck with me since I read it. *shudder* Read more

Jun 5 2019

Can we also talk about items of clothing that you snagged & loved, but are coming apart? For how long do you fix ‘em and patch ‘em up to keep wearing them? Do you buy a copy of something you know you’ll wear out? Do you pay someone who knows what the hell they’re doing to replicate it for you? Asking because this

Apr 25 2019

Ryan Murphy looks like a cardboard cutout in that picture. Is it just me? Is he a cardboard cutout?

Apr 20 2019

As a high school freshman, I handed a note to my crush (who I had never spoken to) at the buses after school and then walked away. The note simply said “your hot.” Read more

Feb 11 2019

Is it a teen thing to have your cell phones literally right next to your bodies during sex, ready to pick up a phone call from your parents or check your instagram or maybe just feel the vibrations of? Maybe it’s because I’m not a teen, but I like to have my phone at least on the bedside table, if not in the other Read more

Sep 8 2014

Anyone else first read this as "What Would It Be Like To Fall Into a Black Hole", with Frasier Crane? Because that would be wonderful.

Jul 23 2013

My jaw literally dropped when I read 125 million. I've been aware of FGM, but apparently not aware of the vast extent of it. Yeesh.

Jun 20 2013

Weddings are to make money for your future? Silly me; I always thought weddings were beautiful events, celebrating the union of your love with your closest friends and family.