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I was there about 2 months ago and played with their special app in Disney Play called the Data Pad. I slowly realized that the characters would interact with me differently depending on the alignement I showed them. Viv, the rebel spy who walks around, was completely in character when I subtly flashed her the Rebel Read more

7:19 PM

This article is exactly what I’ve tried to tell people about Galaxy’s Edge after my visit. Read more

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I went with my son to GE West (Disneyland) and was wearing a subtle Star Wars shirt - it’s a polo with Jabba the Hutt instead of a little Izod alligator. Anyway, we were accosted by a First Order officer and he asked if we were with the Resistance. I explained no, I was here to represent the Hutt trading consortium Read more

4:49 PM

I think they are encouraged to interact with guests, and the fact that we had put effort into trying to blend in probably made us viable targets. Non-costumed guests were invited to join our game but passed, so it wasn’t just that, but I think he suspected we’d want to play along. 

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I literally got back from Orlando this morning, and spent a pretty decent amount of time at Galaxy’s Edge. Read more

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I think this might be the first time I’ve read about playing Sabacc with cast members. Is that an official thing? Or were they just incredibly nice because of your enthusiasm?

2:37 PM

I went to Disneyland for the first time in literally 20 years after Star Wars opened. One of the cast members was the card guy for me as well, but since we were the only people who took him up on the card game, and played with him for about 20 min, he actually offered us an opportunity to come back at a certain time, Read more

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I’m already preparing my doctoral thesis on it, which I expect will get me the highest honor for outstanding quality and achievement. Read more

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Builder Mario can also create his own crates out of midair, up to 5. They work just like regular crates. And in multiplayer, each character has their own limit, meaning you can get up to 20 crates at once. 

1:57 PM

Important addendum to Dexterity: because Evasion is bugged, not only is Dex useless (outside of Hawk’s skills, as mentioned), but so are the shields Duran gets from his Light classes (except his Lord-specific one). Also, critical hit boosting doesn’t work. Read more

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This is great, Chris, thanks so much! I’m playing through Secret of Mana first before I dive into Trials, a game I’ve been waiting for for close to two and a half decades. I beat Secret on the SNES in the 90s, but I’ve played in many times since then and never played past the Upperlands. In any case, this will be Read more

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This is a very helpful guide. I’m hoping they’ll do what they did in Japan when those players complained about the lack of manuals and patch them in. By “patch them in” I mean downloaded onto the switch, not adding a browser link that’s clunky and only works when the user is online. (There are a handful of games where Read more

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Pro tip: If you pick Charlotte as specifically your third character you will have her before the first boss, Full Metal Hugger. Read more

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So where do I start. I’m a current member of this unit. I’m sorry the writer of this article has an ax to grind. Like most things in life, not everyone is going to like the same things. We are a unit that has and welcomes men and women, with different orientations, religions, ethnic backgrounds and ages from literally Read more

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I simply don’t have the writing-chops to describe what i feel about all of this, but i will say this. That time in my life is one of my fondest memories and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to re-live those days while reading this article, and it’s comments.

I would love to shout out all of my 11th CID friends, Read more