Chris Kohler
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5:06 PM

Anybody else still playing Super Mario Maker 2? My kid started playing it so I guess I’m playing it again. Somewhere in the experimentation, this level showed up. Are you a bad enough dude to save this frog?

9:27 PM

Nintendo’s Japanese store will start taking preorders for the Animal Crossing Switch dock and Joy-Cons on March 7. Check out our story about how to import them if you want to buy either one of them separately without having to buy the whole bundle.

8:11 PM

The next batch of NES and SNES games hits Switch Online on February 19. On SNES, it’s Pop’n Twinbee and Smash Tennis; on NES it’s Shadow of the Ninja and Eliminator Boat Duel.

1:15 PM

A new documentary released today looks at the ongoing tension between physical and digital video game releases. Not For Resale attempts to capture all facets of the conversation, like the fate of independent game stores, the struggle over preservation, or the problems with today’s digital marketplaces.

10:15 AM

40 years ago today: Olympic athlete Valerij Yakushin, luge competitor for the Soviet Union, crouches down to look into the eyepiece of Midway’s Submarine arcade cabinet in the game room at the Olympic Village in Lake Placid, New York on February 7, 1980.

1:34 PM

It’s a new year, so this is your semi-regular reminder that if you’re a freelance writer, you can (and should!) pitch Kotaku, using the email address, with your story ideas. Include some clips to let us know who you are as a writer and what you can bring to the table.

8:12 PM

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is getting a $10 season pass. Two multiplayer DLC packs will each include three extra costumes for ScareScraper and three new mini-games for ScreamPark. The first will launch by April 30; the second by July 31. You can pre-buy them both starting today and get a new Polterpup flashlight for all modes.