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1:34 PM

It’s a new year, so this is your semi-regular reminder that if you’re a freelance writer, you can (and should!) pitch Kotaku, using the email address, with your story ideas. Include some clips to let us know who you are as a writer and what you can bring to the table.

8:12 PM

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is getting a $10 season pass. Two multiplayer DLC packs will each include three extra costumes for ScareScraper and three new mini-games for ScreamPark. The first will launch by April 30; the second by July 31. You can pre-buy them both starting today and get a new Polterpup flashlight for all modes.

2:22 PM

I’ve finally done it. I’ve crammed the entirety of the first Legend of Zelda into a single Mario Maker 2 level (KFH-GN2-L2G). And I was able to do it without cutting anything. Okay, maybe there are some small insignificant cuts here and there, but why quibble? Let’s just say it’s 100 percent identical.