Sep 9 2016

Just so we’re clear - that picture of John Elway is him directing a blocker during a play. Not celebrating.

Aug 16 2016

UY Scuti has about 4.98 billion times the volume of our sun. If you want to picture both as solid spheres, however, you could fit something on the order of 3.69 billion of our suns into UY Scuti, assuming the most efficient sphere packing.

Mar 2 2016

It just looks odd because he hits it with the inside front of his foot - basically on the edge of his big toe. If you carefully pause you can see a full wind-up from him, there’s just not much follow through.

Apr 16 2014

A great documentary, Life After Pi, has been made about this very topic. Sad how they are treated given that they drive so much of the success of these movies.

Mar 4 2014

First off, the first law of thermodynamics, like everything else in science, is based solely on our observable universe and is subject to change given sufficient evidence. If there is indeed something outside our observable universe it can have no impact on our science because science is inherently limited to Read more

Aug 31 2012

So true. Lord knows I only enjoy things which I can completely relate to on every conceivable level. And any ventures I deign to make outside the confines of "my" culture are certainly only motivated by guilt. Read more