Chris Perkins
Jun 13 2017

Even better, chicane stop bus.

Jun 13 2017

Bus stop chicane. Job done.

May 14 2017

Great post, Karen! Don’t forget, you’re also cooler than your son.

Oct 24 2016

I’d just like to point out that the man at the top of the podium is none other than Road & Track’s very own Brian Silvestro, who works for Road & Track and won the race. Also, he writes for Road & Track.

Aug 12 2016

Chris! hello. I don’t remember most of these, but I will say that I still think this horrible one that I did not budget anywhere near enough time for came out even worse and less true:…

Aug 5 2016

Now take off ur shirt

Aug 5 2016

I’m gonna need a selfie with this comment open in Kinja in the background before I *actually* believe you’re doing this from inside the car.

Jun 2 2016

The Pininfarina Modulo.

Apr 13 2016

Yes, but don’t worry. In more recent years, I learned how to blog.

Dec 7 2015

Mine the ones I wrote me

Sep 22 2015

I can’t consciously recommend buying a TDI. People ask me for recommendations on cars all the time, based on my day job. I’ve recommended VWs to many people. They made me/us all look foolish, they lied to their very dedicated customers and the environment is the biggest victim.

Aug 27 2015

This bike is amazing. I´ve seen Honda start it over and rev it at a car show in Tokyo couple months ago. Unreal

Jun 30 2015

Robb’s been a friend of the site for years and has written for us before, but I’m happy to announce he’ll be one of our regular contributors from now on. He’ll be writing about how to drive fast, the business of racing, what’s going on at the ‘Ring, car reviews and much more. Give him a warm welcome!

Jun 11 2015

I am perfect. Thanks!

Jun 11 2015

Travis Okulski is the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet of people.