Chris Mills
Contributing Editor
Sep 25 2018

Ferrari can fucking pay me. Also, IDGAF about Ferraris. I’ll at least take a call from Daihatsu.

Jun 13 2018

Wow why even unionize if writers will be treated this way

May 31 2018

It’s a pane in the ass when things don’t go as planned.....

May 30 2018

Nah, lets badmouth Wall Street. It brings almost nothing to the table while corrupting everything it touches. Obama should have gutted the institutions, either nationalizing or breaking them up, and jailed much of the leadership.

May 24 2018

You are so complete and so right that I’m not even going to put my ideas out. It is exactly as you said: Uber is a bunch of kids who came up with a few apps. It is like as if someone was programming their system as a hobby project to fall back to during long cold winter nights.

May 24 2018

Sorry, what did you say? I’m having trouble understanding you with Uber’s dick in your mouth.

May 8 2018

Hell, in VA the 17mph over part would probably have sent her to jail.

Apr 13 2018

Because the interest rates for used cars are bonkers as well, so for the same payment he can lease a new car under full warranty vs buying a used car that is likely has no warranty.

Jul 13 2017

You appear to be confusing the idea of owning property for personal use that might include letting someone borrow it and owning property for commercial use that you hold out to the public as generally available to anyone who wishes to use it provided they pay you a fee. Read more

May 4 2017

It’s not “fundamental to air travel”. God didn’t reach out from heaven and scribe down on a sacred stone tablet that “Thou shalt not tranfer seats!” Read more

Apr 28 2017

“I’ve never been a hunter but respect the sports and see hunters as good stewards of the land unlike us city slickers that go into the woods and leave their trash all over and call our selves environmentalists Read more

Apr 10 2017

Damn. All he wanted was a Pepsi and they wouldn’t give to him. All he wanted was a Pepsi...