Chris Mills
Contributing Editor
Dec 12 2017

Similar sensation can be achieved without the need to open your window: just throw a pint of ice water over your face every three miles or so.

Jun 22 2017

Hate to break it to you but the best poutine is actually the Costco on Rue Bridge, just on your way off-island.

Apr 21 2016

It’s also a problem with how they’re being used in the US. In the rest of the world, it’s Chip+PIN, so you have to enter a four-digit PIN every time you make a transaction. In the US, it’s Chip and Sign, which is dumb as hell. Read more

Apr 20 2016

Mostly, I just hate typing in the name of a show/song through an onscreen keyboard. Drives me nuts. I’ve also found that smart TV apps are the last things to get updated, so new features take forever to appear—the Spotify app on my smart TV hasn’t updated from Starred playlists to the new Saved Songs yet, and I can’t Read more

Apr 17 2016

That’s the justification police in St Petersburg use to stop you from filming the metro. But I’m surprised North Korean doesn’t want to show it off more.

Apr 11 2016

I actually have a soft spot for Reddit’s layout! I once tried RES and it gave me a heart attack.

Mar 31 2016

I’m from Montreal and I didn’t even notice that. Good spot.

Feb 16 2016

All I can currently imagine is the FBI frantically building a LEDO mindstorm robot to brute-force 10,000 combinations with a wet hot dog.

Feb 3 2016

It’s cutting the oldest, cheapest camera in favor of a newer, slightly more expensive model that probably has better margins, and will be better for customers. Not a saving grace, but cutting three production lines will save money, I guess.

Jan 25 2016

Cheap to spray, but you pay back the costs when you have to re-build your infrastructure and replace your rusted cars.

Jan 21 2016

I turn off alarms in my sleep. Apps don’t work because i seem to be able to hard-reset my phone without actually waking up. It’s a problem.