Chilaquiles Ahoy
Oct 21 2019

It makes me perversely happy that Adam Driver was the one to really explode during/after Girls and not Lena Dunham.

Aug 20 2019

I actually screamed a little bit when I heard the news. I’m (not really) a Hugo winner!

Jul 12 2019

I’m a little freaked out that Ian Ziering seems to have aged the best of all of them.

Jan 26 2019

Alysa was amazing last night and I’m really excited for her but I’m also worried. 13 is really young for a skater and she has puberty and potential injuries ahead of her. Anybody remember Kimmie Meissner, Naomi Nari Nam, Polina Edmunds? Or even Karen Chen from a couple of years ago? They all peaked very early and then Read more

Nov 11 2018

Ha! I read one sentence of this and knew it was y0u, Zellie! (My first name rhymes with Sasha and my last name starts with a K.)

Nov 7 2018

I feel terrible for Lisa for her baby’s tragic death but it sounds like it was entirely avoidable. Is there no such thing as common sense anymore? Also, the members of her Facebook group that were still cheering her on after several days should feel horribly ashamed.

Oct 30 2018

Dvora, I just want to thank you for your truly outstanding gymnastics coverage. Your depth of knowledge of the sport makes your articles incredibly interesting to read. I hope that you’ll write another book about gymnastics, especially in light of all the idiocy of USA Gymnastics and the women’s team’s refusal to let Read more

Oct 18 2018

I think you meant to say that readership fell precipitously when people figured out that Lena Dunham is pure garbage. (Why it took so long for this to discover this fact is a whole other issue.)

Oct 16 2018

SAME. If my skin doesn’t get some Niacinamide and Azelaic Acid it’s going to explode.  

Oct 9 2018

Thank you so much for sharing your story, which is about the most terrifying thing I’ve ever read in my life. I hope you take some comfort in knowing that you’re a survivor. You lived to tell this story. You’re brave and beautiful.