Cheryl Eddy
io9 News Editor
Apr 8

Believe me, I very much look forward to writing about new movies, new TV shows, breaking pop culture news, all that stuff...hopefully one of these days!

Apr 8

I hadn’t seen that before writing my list, though there are several similar lists all over the internet. (The’s been around awhile.) Hopefully the reasons I gave for why I picked each episode will make my list stand out for anyone who takes the time to read it.

Feb 5

I had Manimal on my original list! Thank you for being one of the only other people I’ve ever met who remembers that show.

Dec 12

We had Haunting of Hill House on our 2018 best TV list! Can’t wait for the next season.

Nov 1

I haven’t heard anything, but maybe they’ll announce something around the new season arriving on Amazon in December?

Oct 24

At the San Diego Comic-Con panel, they said the show would (probably) never feature an exorcism, so I was surprised it ALMOST happened there.

Sep 12

That is a great one, Wes Craven’s meta moment before the meta-slasher craziness that Scream started just a couple years later

Sep 6

I could never skip Pieces, less someone accuse me of being a BASTARD! BASTARD! BASTAAAAAAARRRRRRDDDDDDDD