Dec 31

But can it stop the racetrack from spinning after the tenth beer?

Dec 10

The fact that you don’t give a solitary fuck about the history of corner names doesn’t really have any bearing on the rest of us.

Also, knowing a corner by name is actually easier than trying to remember which number corner you’re trying to describe, if you’re familiar with a bunch of tracks. Just my opinion.

Dec 2

Here’s the fundamental difference between Mercedes and Ferrari, one Binotto needs to address in the off-season if he wants Ferrari to improve. It’s not going to be an easy change because this is inherently ingrained in Ferrari’s culture and part of it is due to being an Italian team that the Italians adore: Read more

Nov 11

I’m one of those people who gets unreasonably mad/stressed about brake lights on expressways (my brain automatically assumes brake lights mean significantly slower traffic).  I have often wondered about the occasional people I see who appear to just drive with their brakes constantly activated.  I only realized more Read more

Nov 11

Ironically, just had this happen on the way in where the bastard is front of me pretty much had the same commute as me. I was behind him or her for miles and had to leave tons of extra room since it was rainy and I had no clue when they were braking... Please for the love of god, don’t tell people to do this.

Nov 11

Weight transfer... as if 99.9% of drivers would have any capability of managing weight transfer. Anyway, all of this is countered by one simple thing. Nobody is going to have their left foot constantly hovering over the brake pedal but not touching it. Even a gentle touch of the brake pedal on most cars activates the Read more

Jul 19 2019

I can answer the motorcycle question.  Because they don’t retire motorcycles after 30 years of service.

Jul 19 2019

The fighter jets are way too bunched up.

Jul 14 2019

Is Rich Energy being run by the Oval Office, or have we unknowingly stumbled upon Sarah Huckabee’s new gig?

Jun 27 2019

Agree with Raphael here. If I had $200K to burn on a car, my first thought would be the RS200: