Charlie Jane Anders
Former io9 editor. Author of Victories Greater than Death, an epic space fantasy about LGBTQ+ teenagers who save all the worlds — now available for preorder. Also, please subscribe to her newsletter!
Dec 9

Call me when they bring back Nicholas Hammond from the 70's live action tv show and the Spider-Man from “The Electric Company".
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Dec 4

I spent a decade assuring college students starting my classes terrified of books that I gave even less of a shit about the symbolism of the color green than they did. 

Dec 4

The purpose of English classes in primary and secondary school is to teach students to read texts and use language in order to critically evaluate the myriad sources of information with which they are presented each day. Read more

Nov 5

NV is pretty much a sure thing at this point, AZ is extremely unlikely to flip back (which is why some networks called it so early), PA is on track to flip blue by 6PM today, Biden is on pace to barely squeak out a win in GA (like, possibly under 2000 votes), and AFAIK the margin in WI is like 20x greater than the Read more

Oct 26

You know who I miss? I miss those people who butt in on every Discovery post to say how that non-Star Trek show is a way better Star Trek show. Read more

Jul 21

Reminds me a bit of the climactic fight scene in Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, where the Joker goes up against the greatest enemy he could possibly face.

Jul 1

This is adorable and I just got entirely too teary for a short film with stop motion dinosaur toys <3.

Jun 29

What is it with living in prolonged luxury and decadence from wealth that it gradually turns you into a monster? Read more

May 18

Who plays the Batman doesn’t matter. What’s truly important here is whether or not we’ll get to see the Waynes gunned down in Crime Alley again.

Mar 16

Used to be novelizations were a fun way to find out the plots of movies before they came out, now they serve mainly to fix the movies so they make sense and are not an incoherent, rushed mess.