Brandon Sanderson Likens Amazon's Wheel Of Time Series to Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings

After years of languishing in development hell, a live-action series based on Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time novels is finally coming to the small screen courtesy of Amazon Studios and showrunner Rafe Judkins (Agents of SHIELD). But according to Brandon Sanderson, who finished the final three books in the series…

Before Chris Hemsworth Fought to Keep Thor Fat in Avengers: Endgame, He Almost Played Gambit

Avengers: Endgame takes Thor to an emotional low point so dark that he sinks into an existential, alcohol-fueled depression. It causes the thunder god to go through a drastic physical transformation we don’t see until halfway through the film. When we first see Thor’s new form, it’s initially played for laughs, but as

The X-Men's Quicksilver Speeds Into Space in This Surprisingly Cool Dark Phoenix Clip

Evan Peters’ Quicksilver in Fox’s most recent X-Men films has been one of the franchise’s most interesting characters, in part because of the innovative way filmmakers have taken to visualizing his super speed. Dark Phoenix wouldn’t be a proper X-Men sendoff without the silver-haired speed demon, and in a new clip…