Charles Pulliam-Moore
io9 Culture Critic and Staff Writer. Cyclops was right.
Jul 2

Gotta say that for a show that has a man made of clay who perfectly played a popular college girl down to a T...I wasn’t expecting to enjoy Kite Man as much as I did.

Jul 1

Seconded. Still love Guerrero, but a lot has been asked of April Bowlby in these first few episodes of the season, and she is really stepping up. There is something extra endearing about Rita Farr. It’s like Caulder actually saved her from becoming a Joan Crawford type monster by making her into an actual monster.

May 14

I just left my job at Diamond after having worked there for several years, and this very badly-planned ad campaign (and the fan response to it, which has been overwhelmingly negative) just makes my decision to go all the more satisfying

May 11

In the apocalyptic justice system, the people are represented by two separate and not equally important groups: the rich, who cause misery; and the poor, who suffer “nobly” from it. These are their stories.

May 6

If you’re not already following the Duncan Trussell Family Hour Podcast -- which was the source for many of the interviews in Midnight Gospel -- now’s definitely the time. One of the most eclectic, fun, and mind expanding podcasts around.

Apr 22

Everyone needs to be watching this show. It’s one of the best teen dramedies in the last decade.

Mar 26

Digimon Universe Applimonsters did something similar, using the smartphone apps.

Mar 25

Tamers was a real game changer and is great for a quick re-watch. To me it’s the most heady and dramatic series by far and It’s a definite number two for me. My issue with it is that it’s buttoned up nicely at the end and never really expanded upon again. I loved Frontier for the Judeo/Christian mythology stuff thrown Read more

Mar 25

Adventure and Tamers are my personal favorite. Frontier was great too, but i ended up not finishing it for unknown reasons

Mar 13

Also, both deuteragonists have some kind of merged quirk, Todoroki (Ice on his mother size+fire from his father) it’s kinda his story arc and raison-d-etre, and then Bakugou ( Glycerin on his mother side with great skin btw + Acid Sweat on his father side = Nitroglycerin sweat) 

Jan 23

An admittedly odd comparison, but the way the camera and characters moved during the action scenes kind of reminded me of moments in One Punch Man.

Jan 15

I was so enraptured by the first episode that it wasn’t until after it was done that I realized there were no British accents.