Charles Pulliam-Moore
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1:55 PM

And if Richie’s self-identity scares him, then defeating Pennywise seems logically to involving confronting and reconciling with his own identity. Read more

9:09 PM

If and when I get a chance to ask, I certainly will, but I think if you go back and listen-listen to the whole of the album, and not just the film’s audio, you can definitely hear Dee Dee Magno Hall singing (a slightly more reigned-in) Pearl in “Independent Together.” The contrast between Magno Hall’s voice as Pearl an Read more

3:08 PM

Right, this. I’m super curious as to whether the fine-tuning of a Gems’ personality is something unique to Pearls because they’re meant to be multipurpose servants essentially, or whether that kind of thing is something more Gems might have been meant to be designed with before the Kindergartens started churning out Read more