12/17/15 4:58PM

Boo for safety, boo!
I grew up in the 80’s and neither myself or my siblings ever managed to strangle/severely maim/decapitate/otherwise seriously injure ourselves. Maybe we were just lucky (probably), but it seems like the safety thing is so overblown. Kids are really missing out on great experiences, like riding a Read more

12/17/15 4:32PM

If the Snoopy Sno Cone maker doesn’t show up on this list by the end of this series, I will be seriously disappointed.

12/17/15 4:02PM

Holy crap, yes. I never had one myself, so I was probably the annoying kid who wouldn’t get off of it at friends’ houses.

12/03/15 2:18PM

Ah yes, as they say in the homeland: דיפּשיט

11/13/15 9:32PM

Oh I already tweeze the fuck out of my face. I have a dark ass mustache and chin sprinklings. Thanks latina mom and eastern european father.

11/13/15 8:35PM

I love that photo of Ariana because she has latina sideburns and baby hairs and neck hairs that look just like mine!!!! (that I am super self conscious about)

10/01/15 1:42PM

I beg to differ, I love baseball! I managed to make it through a whole Giants game last night without taking a single selfie.

10/01/15 1:39PM

I really can’t believe that our young people have so little self-respect that they’d be willing to just sit there and freely admit they’d gone to a Diamondbacks-Rockies game in September.

9/22/15 3:32PM

I don’t know what Karyn is going on about. My family is Jewish - though not religious - and I’ve lived with Jews my whole life. I don’t know anyone who is that concerned about “opening wounds that should be left to heal,” that “wants to move toward healing” or that thinks “we must learn to let go of the anger.” It’s Read more

9/21/15 1:54PM

I’m not fan of this girl, but can we let go of the bashing when it comes to Ariana Grande? I just... I’m having a really hard time with a lot of Jezz writers lately.

The bulk of your readers are women. Tearing other women down over silly shit like getting carried around by a handler doesn’t make a bit of sense to me.

T Read more

9/21/15 1:51PM

My hair is just like me. It just sort of lies there lethargically. Indifferent to the world.