No, money down!
Sunday 11:17AM

Jamie Foxx watching Jonah Hill’s career the last 10 years: “WTF is he doing?”

Saturday 6:09PM

I just hope DAG got paid well for this. He’s a damn national treasure.

Saturday 5:36PM

First they cancelled $h*! My Dad Says, now this. That doesn’t bode well for the Dad Cinematic Universe. 

Thursday 9:12PM

*Well as long as it’s not quite disturbing in context such as the continued common “ship” in the Harry Potter fandom where Hermione is commonly paired with Draco, the one who called her subhuman repeatedly, in a Dom-Sub relationship which obviously takes on even more sinister undertones when Hermione is depicted as a Read more

6/15/21 4:49PM

What are Korean comedy writers going to know about growing up in Canada?

6/14/21 2:21PM

So you’re fine giving your kid a negative label, but you bristle at having one applied to you? You might want to think about that one a bit.

6/11/21 5:32PM

I’m begging y’all to give this ghoul the LEAST amount of attention possible. I don’t care what “outrageous” or stupid donkey shit dribbles out her mouth — quit giving her oxygen. None of this is new or worthy of reporting on. I see some Jenner article basically every other day. Read more

6/10/21 11:40PM

Again, so Jeffrey Toobin should be punished because Katie Hill was shat upon? Read more

6/10/21 9:33PM

I was never too concerned about his career prospects. He has a lot of options, being that he’s a jack of all trades. 

6/09/21 9:25AM

Well, you’ve spent an entire morning here desperately defending Joe Rogan from anyone saying he’s an idiot, so, frankly, I wouldn’t expect you to understand the comment, at all. Read more

6/09/21 9:01AM

One man ignoring him lying and misrepresenting doesn’t magically stop 200 million people from taking it as gospel and listening to the advice or misrepresentations of some whiny dimwit. Read more