3/02/21 9:36PM

Wow, you weren’t kidding about the dialogue. I just got to the scene on the plane where the two leads have their first real conversation, and there’s no discernable segue to the info dump of their respective biographies. Read more

11/26/20 2:58PM

Nothing on the USS Yelchin mention among the destroyed black box ships? Wonder if it’s Chekov-class...

5/30/20 10:31PM

I enjoyed the pilot so far. It’s not as knee-slapping as I or anyone probably expected it to be, but the dry-as-a-bone humor and truly weird execution is keeping me interested. The phenomenal cast is pulling it through for sure, especially Jimmy Yang and Malkovich Malkovich. I’m not quite sure what to make of Read more

5/30/20 3:09PM

This show is great. How has this been given so many non-positive reviews? I’d be curious to see if the people giving this less than stellar reviews think Rick and Morty is clever, or think that Deadpool is actually funny.

4/10/20 11:22AM

For me, it’s a perfect indictment of human behavior. Currently, we have all of the scientists telling us that climate change is going to destroy our way of life, and yet we’re going to do it anyway. We created nuclear weapons that can destroy us all - that were designed to destroy us all - and are kind of hoping that Read more

3/29/20 7:41PM

Eh.  Don’t they do that every time they use a transporter?

3/23/20 12:26PM

There really wasn’t much more about Seven’s “re-Borgification” to discuss. She temporarily formed a mini-collective, but all of the Borg got killed by the Romulans, so her mini-collective consisted of just her. There was no inner battle about whether to remain in that state or disconnect because what was the point of Read more

3/19/20 11:33PM

Did anyone get the sense they’re teeing up a Seven of Nine/Elnor Fenris Rangers spin-off? Seven and Elnor flying around the Alpha Quadrant in their broke-ass Borg cube, helping people who have no one else to help them.

3/19/20 2:48PM

I am really loving this show. At the same time, I honestly cannot defend its many shortcomings. Weird

12/10/19 6:34PM

Well, the result was a measurable improvement in people’s lives. Maybe not permanently life-altering for anyone but the very poor, but it’s something unquestionably good and helps people. She wasn’t doing it to get praise, she just wanted to do something good that didn’t backfire and fuck up the world even worse than Read more

12/09/19 12:11AM

Dom’s relentlessness and sense of duty made her so good a t her job and saved her family. But her martyr complex made her life miserable. She always sacrificed herself for the job, family and even Darlene. And she was trying to do it again to apologise for the inconvenience of getting their asses saved even though Read more

3/22/19 4:37AM

Man the story is coo-coo bananas. I love it. This episode was PACKED but I think it ‘trimmed the fat’ in a way that’s going to make for a cleaner exit. Shame they couldn’t have spread it out a bit though. Read more

3/08/19 9:03AM

I like the episode for the most part, but I do agree about the whole “go away, dog!” bit. It didn’t feel like a crevice that should run that deeply.

3/02/19 12:31AM

Let’s see: Spock has a previously unknown sibling, we have to search for Spock, and a space probe gaining sentience over time? Somehow they fit three of the worst Star Trek movies into one episode.