Casey Chan
Editor, Sploid
Oct 26 2016

at first i was sure that it was a very glossy bill murray, until i realized its actually tom hanks with white paint on him.

Aug 12 2016

This is a quality sarcastic response to that group of commenters that loves to rag on these posts. Kudos, Casey.

Aug 12 2016

Crazy! I was reading a children’s book about sharks last night to my 3-yr old son. Apparently Mako sharks do this to rid themselves of parasites that attach themselves to the shark’s skin and suck nutrients out of them.
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Aug 12 2016

Has the shark, jumped the shark?

Jul 14 2016

Obviously it’s in her hand, how else did she take the picture? Read more

Jul 14 2016

I stared for a bit. Squinted and turned my head. Got up, walked away, came back, then bam. Now I can’t unsee it. Since I seent it.

Jul 14 2016

Once I found it, it was so obvious I can’t believe I didn’t see it right off.

Apr 25 2016

I have the Moto 360 (first gen, got at launch, still wear it daily), but if I had an iPhone I’d probably have an Apple Watch (and most of the features and problems are ultimately comparable between the two). While I see what you’re saying, I can’t say I’ve really felt the same feelings.
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Apr 25 2016

I’ll agree with the general attitude of this article because I had an Apple Watch and it really didn’t do anything. I had a wish list of 1000 things that it would be cool if it did but it didn’t do anything. Read more

Apr 25 2016


Apr 25 2016

“Watch’s constant low-level notifications made me realize that there’s nothing really worth being notified about. Being able to feel every text, email, and whatever else, made me see how useless they mostly were.”
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Apr 25 2016

Wearing the Apple Watch for nearly a year did change something in me though, but it’s the opposite effect that was probably intended: the Watch’s constant low-level notifications made me realize that there’s nothing really worth being notified about. Read more

Jan 25 2016

Automated Teller Machine Machine?

Aug 18 2015

I do love Shake Shack and check it out most every time I visit my sister in NYC, but I don’t know; I think I had the best burger I’ve ever eaten at Smashburger. No denying the deliciousness of Shake Shack though, and I am eighteen shades of envious of this burger...

Aug 18 2015

$8.99. I was surprised by that.

Aug 17 2015

You're not a true apex predator, until you can eat all the animals.... at once.

Jun 16 2015

Banh Mi needs its own chart!

Jun 15 2015

An amazing Vietnamese sandwich. Grilled pork (think teriyaki skewer style), cucumber, jalapeño, french-cut daikon radish and carrot, cilantro, a touch of mayo.