Carolyn Hinds
A Bajan film critic living in Toronto, who enjoys speculating on plot theories for my favorite TV shows, such as The Walking Dead, The Expanse, and black-ish. Oh, I will do karaoke anytime, anywhere.
10:08 AM

Great read! Didn’t catch the subtleties with the differences between T’Challa’s visits with his ancestors that you pointed out. Feeling a little mind-blown. I would love if you both broke down Eric’s visit with his father as well! Again, great read!

10:52 AM

“White people don’t think about race much at all.” Except when coming on to The Root to post gaslighting comments in a feeble attempt to exercise dominance over black people and playing dumb when we black folks get wise to your game.

9:49 AM

Nice article, it was a good read as I slide into my work day. A question, though. Where are you getting that Ross and Klaue are working together?