Caroline Siede
Contributor, The A.V. Club. Caroline Siede is a pop culture critic in Chicago, where the cold never bothers her anyway. Her interests include superhero movies, feminist theory, and Jane Austen novels.
Oct 12

I am ride or die for Dirty Dancing and will forever champion it. I still remember the first time I watched it (my 8th birthday party - hilariously my mom watched it beforehand to make sure it was appropriate for kids and was like, “yeah, seems fine.”) and I’ve probably seen it at least 50 times since. (As well as the Read more

Oct 9

The way you describe the character arcs of Baby and Johnny makes me think it’s a bit of a gender swap, in that Johnny is the one who’s a bit in need of rescuing, while Baby is more of the white knight.   Read more

Aug 3

I would just like to state for the record that Five’s teleportation powers are incredibly cool, and it’s absolutely wild that Sir Reginald didn’t rank him higher among his siblings.

Aug 1

I’m not only thrilled that we get regular coverage of The Umbrella Academy season 2, but it’s Caroline! Double yay!! Read more

Jul 31

One aspect I find really interesting is the way the play subverts the idea of having an Alpha couple composed of the main characters, and a Beta couple composed of side character. To anyone watching or reading the play Benedick and Beatrice are clearly the main characters and what most would consider the Alpha couple. Read more

Jul 28

We all know Courtney could ACTUALLY use the staff only because her grandfather was Palpatine.

Jul 3

Caroline, I’m sure you get a version of this comment every other article but, as someone who has never seen this film, has no desire to watch this film and will likely never watch this film, I enjoyed every word of this article. Read more

Apr 10

Came here to say the same thing!  It’s what I like to call a single entendre--it’s supposed to mean two things but it’s just “Maid of Honor” spelled wrong.

Apr 10

I always had a soft spot for this film because before the movie ever even came out, I had a close best friend who somewhat filled the role of “Tom”. We were best friends and we always joked that if I ever got married I would make him my maid of honor, because he was closer to me than any of my female friends. Needless Read more

Mar 27

Yeah, this is excellent criticism -- acknowledging what’s of the time but also how that time had its own issues. Great piece, Caroline.

Mar 24

For me, the entire season 4 felt just like a transition season, getting us ready (and excited) for the last two. Not my favorite way of story telling, but they certainly succeeded in getting me hooked so... Read more

Mar 20

I need to make one very critical edit to this piece - you say it has no stars, ANDREA MARTIN IS A G-D STAR AND LEGEND.  Ok now that I got that off my chest, can I make you some lamb? 

Mar 16

Rewatching My Big Fat Greek Wedding today, it neither feels like an overrated fluke nor an underrated masterpiece. It’s a charming crowdpleaser that hits a mark that’s ultimately not all that high. Read more

Feb 14

How did I not know until today about BroadwayHD??!! Thank you!

Jan 31

I work in fundraising and any time my friend and I work on a letter from a volunteer to their friends we quote the “Dear Sisters has it really been 10 years since we left Wellesley...” 

Jan 17

I'll always respect this series for actually getting Breakfast At Tiffany's.  Its not a lightweight comedy and Audrey Hepburn was a fantastic actress goddamn it!