Caroline Siede
Contributor, The A.V. Club. Caroline Siede is a pop culture critic in Chicago, where the cold never bothers her anyway. Her interests include superhero movies, feminist theory, and Jane Austen novels.
9:54 AM

Came here to say the same thing!  It’s what I like to call a single entendre--it’s supposed to mean two things but it’s just “Maid of Honor” spelled wrong.

8:57 AM

I always had a soft spot for this film because before the movie ever even came out, I had a close best friend who somewhat filled the role of “Tom”. We were best friends and we always joked that if I ever got married I would make him my maid of honor, because he was closer to me than any of my female friends. Needless Read more

11:30 AM

Yeah, this is excellent criticism -- acknowledging what’s of the time but also how that time had its own issues. Great piece, Caroline.

10:16 PM

For me, the entire season 4 felt just like a transition season, getting us ready (and excited) for the last two. Not my favorite way of story telling, but they certainly succeeded in getting me hooked so... Read more

2:19 PM

I need to make one very critical edit to this piece - you say it has no stars, ANDREA MARTIN IS A G-D STAR AND LEGEND.  Ok now that I got that off my chest, can I make you some lamb? 

7:42 PM

Rewatching My Big Fat Greek Wedding today, it neither feels like an overrated fluke nor an underrated masterpiece. It’s a charming crowdpleaser that hits a mark that’s ultimately not all that high. Read more

7:24 PM

How did I not know until today about BroadwayHD??!! Thank you!

11:15 PM

I work in fundraising and any time my friend and I work on a letter from a volunteer to their friends we quote the “Dear Sisters has it really been 10 years since we left Wellesley...” 

3:29 PM

Thanks to the AV Club for having the sense to put a spoilerless headline on this, and no thanks to every other outlet for broadcasting the big reveal above every fold they could find. I heard Jack might be coming back, and wouldn’t have been disappointed to know ahead of time it was this episode, but I can’t wait one Read more

12:59 PM

Pending someone pulling the wibbly lever on this, or reversing the neutron flow or something, I am going to apply my encyclopaedic knowledge of the history of this series and my strong reasoning skills... and accept things at face value. Read more

9:16 PM

I'll always respect this series for actually getting Breakfast At Tiffany's.  Its not a lightweight comedy and Audrey Hepburn was a fantastic actress goddamn it!

11:21 AM

“Like all professional women who own cats, Abby is desperate for love but too clinical and controlling to find it.” Read more

10:15 AM

I agree — Siede does a great job alternating between enthusiasm and scorn, and really digging into the ways the rules of the genre work, or don’t.

9:34 AM

A tip o’ the bowler to this column. As I’m not much of a rom-com fan I didn’t pay it much attention at first but I clicked on a couple of them and it’s given me new appreciation for the genre. As with A History of Violence and Popcorn Champs, I like this long-form journalism approach to these flicks. 

10:47 AM

some people just shouldn’t be raising kids. Kudos to people that realize that before they have kids.

2:10 PM

This was my most favorite episode of the season and likely in the top 3 of the series. Finally, an episode bursting with emotions, scale, humor, life and the phenomenal Helen Bonham Carter, equal measures messy, campy, seductive, magnificent. Read more