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10:29 PM

Oh, I definitely agree that was the mentality of the day (and in many ways still is today). I just think it’s nice that Working Girl as a film suggests it doesn’t have to be that way, even if characters like Katharine and/or Tess’ male higher-ups think that it does.

10:18 PM

Ha! Do you know what, I actually did make that joke in my original draft, but it looks like it (very understandably!) got lost in the edit. But, yes, Tess McGill is definitely complicit in some anti-mutant shenanigans.

10:08 AM

This was a question I asked myself many, many times while watching this movie. I’m still unclear on the answer.

2:50 PM

With apologies for plugging my past articles, I know that Will Smith himself talked about that topic in relation to the casting of Hitch and I discussed it a bit in my column on the movie.
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1:24 PM

“This is your brain. This is your brain on reviewing 13 episodes of TV in a weekend.” Genuine thanks for pointing out the (truly bizarre) error, though. It’s been corrected!

10:54 PM

Good call on She-Hulk! I was wondering if it was an homage to Jean Grey’s original 1960s look, but the colors are wrong.

5:07 PM

I didn’t see Long Shot until this week, but I also really enjoyed it! Personally, I would’ve cut 20-30 minutes of the political machination plotlines (esp whatever the hell it was that Andy Serkis was doing) and zeroed in on Charlotte and Fred’s relationship a bit more. But, yeah, super charming overall.

1:05 AM

Every week I can remember to do it since we added that feature! (It auto fills as “More From TV Club” and sometimes I forget to change it.)

4:30 PM

I wrote the words “scary levels of co-dependency” about five times in my notes in regards to the flashback storyline. Also, I genuinely thought the story was going to end with a big reveal about how Rebecca was hugely relieved and happy to have a night to herself in the hospital and that that was going to complicate Read more

12:57 AM

I agree that giving Manchester Black a sword and then having him use it rather bloodlessly was a really strange choice.

8:21 PM

You know what, that makes a lot more sense than what I heard, which was, “I don’t want this on my conscience so here’s a bag of guns.”

2:23 PM

That’s a very fair point about Moffat finding his voice again in the Capaldi seasons, although I’d argue he did that by explicitly moving away from the (literal) magic/fairy tale tone of the Matt Smith era and striving for something entirely new. I have a lot of problems with S8 (and kind of a lot with S10 as well), Read more

2:18 PM

Wikipedia actually lists the filming order for the series, and I’ve found it endlessly fascinating to parse. “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” and “It Takes You Away” were the first two episodes filmed!
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