Caroline McCarthy
Jun 26 2015

I totally agree. This used to bother me but no longer does. As more of my friends have gotten married I’ve realized that women change their last names for a million different reasons — some because they have a bad relationship with their parents and would love an excuse to get rid of that last name, some because Read more

Jun 26 2015

OMG, they really told you that short hair is less “bridely?” That’s it. I am done. Everything is awful.

Jan 6 2015

I come from a sprawling Irish family, and I had a family member who set a bar and said that no non-immediate family members (e.g. cousins) would be invited to their wedding if they were not married themselves. It meant that in certain branches of the family, one sibling was invited but another was not. I was pretty Read more

Nov 12 2014

For what it's worth, the "orange trash bag" is a pretty standard finish line marker in rowing.

Apr 2 2014

You are definitely missing the Philly Bro. Easy for anyone who isn't from the Philly area to confuse it with the Masshole, but they're very different.