Blake Z. Rong
6/01/20 2:03PM

Look at Big Brain Bradley here reading two books at once

6/01/20 12:58PM

I’ma go out on a limb here and predict you’re going to get lots of petulant, pissy pushback for this post from Jalops who think you shouldn’t be political. Read more

5/31/20 11:14PM

Every time this kind of thing happens, it exposes the racists and the bootlickers. They are often one and the same. These fantasies about killing protestors in various ways and as a response to various imagined crises are disappointing but not surprising.

5/31/20 7:55PM

Fuck 12 and everyone who supports them. If someone uses a vehicle as a weapon I hope someone else stands their ground and puts a bullet through their windshield. If you think you need to drive through a protest, don’t. Go around. Park and walk if you got to. And if an angry mob surrounds your vehicle then beg for Read more

5/31/20 7:54PM

I’m disappointed by the amount of bootlicking cop apologists in these comments. People are sick of violent, racist, corrupt cops committing crimes like murder and getting away with it. Combined with so much other shit going on, they’re at a breaking point. They want systemic change for the better. And how are people Read more

1/16/20 2:11AM

Wonderful article! It’s pretty inspirational to see somebody succeeding in a niche business, especially as I’m trying to get my BMW shop off the ground here in Phoenix. Right now I am begrudgingly fixing other European makes (Mercedes, Audi, VW, Land Rover), but I hope to eventually be known for just working on Read more

1/15/20 7:42PM

I had a 1992 9000CD (manual) in the late nineties. I paid $2500 for it and it ran perfectly for the time I owed it (about 2 years commuting to Philadelphia). There was and is an intangible quality of the car. Perhaps it was the solidity of the car’s structure or all day driving comfort. I could literally put hundreds Read more

1/15/20 4:52PM

Tremendous article and photos, this mechanic is clearly a hero!

1/15/20 4:22PM

Either you didn’t read the entire article in your rush to comment, or you have piss-poor reading comprehension (or quite possibly, both things are true).

1/15/20 4:17PM

This moved me to tears as an avid SAAB enthusiast. It was quite the SAAB story for me. I’m glad there are still some folks out there that are keeping these vehicles on the road. I myself was a proud owner of a ‘86 900 Turbo Sedan, ‘00 9-3 SE, ‘08 9-3 2.0T XWD, and ‘10 9-3 Aero XWD. All bulletproof under my ownership Read more

1/15/20 3:39PM

Yes, yes, yes. This is wonderful. Ever since I railed and wrenched on our shop’s ‘83 900s automatic sedan over 20 years ago I’ve been in love with the stupid things. If even the slowest, most boring version of a car puts a smile on your face, it’s a good sign. I’d be happy to still work on them, but everyone else in Read more

1/15/20 3:16PM

I’m lucky to have a Saab- centric mechanic in the middle of farmcountry in PA

1/15/20 2:34PM

If content like this keeps coming to Jalopnik, then I'm not going anywhere. Wonderful read. 

1/15/20 2:27PM

Great article! Please do more such profiles. There are tons of these specialists who toil in obscurity.