Jan 23

It’s an extra layer of disgusting because many of us who were teens at the time her career launched will remember just what a disgusting lech her dad was in public comments about her body. And how she was brought up ultra-conservative and basically married Nick Lachey so they could be intimate without angering her Read more

Jan 23

Jesus that Jessica Simpson story is depressing. She finally gets up the courage to tell her parents about her abuse and her mum says to her husband I knew something was happening like they had discussed it and did nothing, then continue doing nothing. Read more

Jan 13

i think the andrew thing might be the last straw. they got thrown under the bus for years now and the pedophile uncle is the one who gets the full court press defense?

Jan 13

No. The flu vaccine is a DEAD virus strain of the most common flu that season. It doesn’t leave you contagious of anything. It takes 2 weeks for antibodies to develop. The only “live” flu vaccine is the spray (which isn’t even given anymore in most places), but it’s one weakened strain that DOESN’T give you a flu. Read more

Jan 10

The smiles nice, he’s funny, and I’m a bit of a slut so yes. Plus I feel like he’d be really appreciative/enthusiastic about it.

Jan 8

Mississippi is known for currently having its shit together. I can see why they wouldn’t want to mess with the formula.

Jan 3

Hell yeah motherfucker! USA! USA!!! Can’t wait to celebrate some dead Iranian civilians! Fuck yes!!!! Flag covered coffins arriving at Dover AFB by the thousands for decades to come! THESE COLORS DON’T RUN MOTHERFUCKERS!!!!! A generation of US soldiers, and Iranians (soldier and civilian) with irreversible Read more